Behind The Scenes

Intimidated by Career Transition? 4 Ways to embrace yours!

If you are going through any Career Transition I hear you… Having been there myself and having coached several people through their Career Transitions..I know what its like to be on that side. Be it a Project Change, Job Change, a Career Change, Role Enrichment or a Location Change…No Transition is easy. Its like starting…

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Let’s Connect!

As a coach, it’s vitally important that we really get to know our clients so that we can better serve them throughout the entire relationship. The more we listen, connect and “feel” what our client is experiencing, the better coach we’ll be for them and vice versa. The more our client feels connected to us and your…

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The Paradigm shift on our 4th Birthday!

Yes! It is our 4th Year into existence and No. 4 is very special…It represents- Stability, Order, Completion and Strong Foundation… This number demonstrates a certain sense of accomplishment, balance, synchronicity and completion like in the – -Four Directions- North, East, West & South -Four Elements of Universe- Air, Water, Fire & Earth -Four Seasons –Spring,…

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A New Chapter in my Story!

Sometimes expressing your love through words seem to be impossible. Sometimes the words really can’t say enough, perhaps that is when you feel the urge to go an extra mile, to make someone feel special, make someone feel loved. It all started with one such moment in my life where I wanted to make my…

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Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So then…Here comes 2017-THE NEW YEAR! Don’t know what is a better way to welcome the New Year other than expressing Gratitude for all the great things that happened in the past Year- 2016.. Let me use this opportunity to share with you one of the deepest and most powerful transformation practices…

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