Can’t wait to share- We turned ONE!

Can’t wait to share- We turned ONE!

Can’t wait to share, During my corporate experience, I came across several people- across the board- Freshers, Mid-Level and Senior Executives. My experience somehow always remained similar and that was- Everybody is in a rush.. A rush To get there!

But the unfortunate part is that not many know where is that- ‘There’? What steps do they need to take to figure out the way to get there? Hence, they are not even present to their sense of ‘absence’! And I said to myself- “Someone needs to address this at the fundamental level!” And ‘Change Ur Story’ was conceived!

When a baby is born and he enters into a new world, he is clueless about the surroundings and the people around. Gradually the baby gets acclimatized to what we call as Life and begins to receive the comfort of being held.. Gradually a nice bond is fostered into love, trust, comfort and giving!

Today, when we look back.. it feels magical that a year has gone by amidst all the action, thrill and excitement…Like a new born, we too were clueless about how will we exist in the crowd. .How we will we make ourselves heard amidst all the noise? The only thing we knew was we are here to make a difference.

The journey began and certainly It hasn’t been easy.. There were disappointments and there were doubts. Yet there were learnings.. And beneath all of it…there has been this constant energy and force that keeps reminding us of our purpose- the bigger purpose! Suddenly we witnessed the structures getting created…Some wonderful people came together to create a team and then gradually we got our Force.. the biggest force.. that is YOU!

As we turn a year old today, we want to use this opportunity to THANK YOU one and all— Friends, Family, all our well-wishers out there and above all our clients! You are the force beneath our wings!

We seek your support and blessings to continue our pursuit to ‘Change Ur Story’!  

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Alright then we’ll see you around.. Wishing you Joy & Abundance always!

Team @ ‘Change Ur Story’ 

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