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Engaging with 'Change Ur Story' is about discovering yourself as a complete person, which includes your values, goals, balance, fulfillment and essentially, underlining the purpose of your life. We work on the foundation of making a difference to people’s career and life, making them realize their full potential and show up in the world as their best self, thus helping them to develop their own definition of success.


Change Ur Story with Chinmayee!


Discovery Session for Individuals and Corporates offer you the opportunity to discover what your real current challenges are, and how we can support in solving those challenges.

Discovery Sessions


Whether you are looking for a change, a promotion or feel disengaged in your job, the right Career Coach can help you gain insight, give clarity to your goals, and help you overcome career obstacles.

Career Coaching


The Interview Coaching service at ‘Change Ur Story’ enables you to learn the latest trends in the industry and different interviewing techniques used globally. Our Interview Coach will help you build confidence to face interviews and eliminate the stress for you, to put your best foot forward.

Interview Coaching


Coaching supports the professional development of average performance into high performance. It centers in building people's core skills and talents and is focused on what your organization wants to achieve. It expands on ‘what is working’, not on fixing behavior ‘that is not working’.

Corporate Coaching


In her passionate and inspiring talks, Chinmayee imparts the useful and practical knowledge she’s learned throughout her remarkable career. Her pragmatic techniques and forward-looking ways are aimed to give absolute clarity on what is essential for your Professional Success!

Speaking Engagement


The right Resume is the most powerful key to open the doors of opportunities – the first, the most important step towards your endeavor to get the desired job…and to write your future-your story.’.

Resume Writing

What Client Say?

Kind Words From My Lovely Clients

"Chinmayee is an outstanding Coach I have came across. She always displays positive energy and anyone can count on her for creating lot of value through her coaching. I wish her all success in fulfilling her mission."

- Rajesh Paka

IT Professional, Hyderabad, India

"Chinmayee is a magician who helps you uncover your own skills , strengths, overcome weaknesses and repackage yourself in this competitive world and helps you to differentiate your profile in the crowd. I was humbled to get her support in changing my story of last 20 years of experience , Thanks Chinmayee for it. God bless you."

- Kalpesh Desai

Commercial Banker, Mumbai, India

"I have had the privilege to have taken Career Coaching from Chinmayee. I found that she had a tremendous sense of understanding of where I was coming from based on my profile which helped us to connect very quickly. I could share my thoughts openly with her. She is a wonderful Coach and helped me in making my choices. She absolutely lives up to here title of 'Chief Optimist' as that is what she is and what she spreads while being grounded at the same time. I wish her all the best and will look forward to staying connected with her."

- Tushar Trivedi

Global Accounting Expert, Mumbai, India

"Chinmayee is a great Coach and a Mentor. I have been fortunate to know her closely and work with her in different capacities. I met her during our early days of HR career and ever since she has been a guiding light. Whatever I have achieved in my Career as a HR professional and as a human being, a big portion of credit goes to her. She has empowered me to realize my goals and dreams such that I stay focused, positive and achieve them no matter what. She has always given me the best of professional suggestions and advice and has played a key role in all my success stories so far."

- Parul Kapoor

HR Professional, Boston Area, USA


Realize Your Full Potential

Realize your full potential and step out in the world as your best self!

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