Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

To have a rewarding job or career, you need to really exploit the opportunity to present your potential in the best possible manner and grab the job. In other words – GET HIRED.. Right into your dream job.

You need to win the confidence of the interviewers; convince them of your capabilities. For this, you will need preparation, practice and confidence.

The Interview Coaching service at ‘Change Ur Story’ enables you to learn the latest trends in the industry and different interviewing techniques used globally. Our Interview Coach will help you build confidence to face interviews and eliminate the stress for you, to put your best foot forward.

Change Ur Story - Career Coaching, Resume Writing Consultant in Delhi NCR, India
  • To enhance your confidence level by developing a personalized strategy.
  • To develop capability to find your own answers to the most difficult interview questions.
  • To heighten your ability to deal with stress, before and during the interview.
  • To improve your perceived brand value with the constructive feedback.
  • To learn handy tips to read on to the interviewer’s mind.
  • To practice a mock interview tailored ONLY for you to address your specific needs.
  • To get assistance on the Interview Day- When you need it the most!
  • Personalized Plan – We help you prepare your personal plan to help you deal with questions about yourself.
  • Feedback – You receive detailed feedback and support needed to demonstrate that you are the ‘best candidate’ for the role.
  • Assistance on the D-Day– You may speak to your Coach directly on the day of your interview, to deal with additional questions for three months post Coaching.