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As a metaphor for pursuing our dreams we’re often told to reach for the stars and Chinmayee literally helped many to do it.

Her commitment, intelligence, sacrifice, and hard work drive 'Change Ur Story'. She has learnt some valuable lessons over her 15+ year career –that have left her with some incredibly riveting stories.

Now she wants to share her experiences through events and speaking engagements spanning from two hours to 2-Day Seminars!

These engagements help you in multiple ways:

  • Discovering your inner self through inquiry and articulating a vision

  • Taking stock of the current situation to identify the barriers and leveraging your strengths

  • Overcoming personal obstacles and reaching full potential through continuous learning

  • Making you more committed in taking action and preparing yourself for new responsibilities

  • Clarifying and working towards your performance goals

  • Learning a new way of living to achieve a fulfilling career

  • Enhancing your confidence levels by developing a personalized strategy

  • Equipping yourself with the needed tools to re-sell your brand

In her passionate and inspiring talks, Chinmayee imparts the useful and practical lessons she’s learned throughout her remarkable career – in various areas related to:

• Leadership Summit to Future Leaders
• Women Empowerment
• Career Success Blueprint
• De-Stress Yourself
• High Performance & Productivity

Her practical methodologies and forward-looking ways are aimed to give absolute clarity on what is essential for your Professional Success!


Realize Your Full Potential

Realize your full potential and step out in the world as your best self!

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