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Change Ur Story with the Power to create a new future that you deserve!
Here is the opportunity- Partner up with your Personal Coach and equip yourself with a world class Resume to win that one opportunity, right interview cracking techniques to stand out in the crowd and just the right coaching you need to truly Change Ur Story!
The right resume is the most powerful key to open the doors of opportunities – the first, the most important step towards your endeavour to get the desired job…and to write your future-your story.
Unfortunately, the power of a resume is often underestimated, and this is the biggest mistake one does. Your resume reflects your personal brand image and compromising on the quality of this most important document makes you eventually loose on the opportunities.
In simple words, the sole objective of a resume is to win an interview call, by standing out and getting through the various evaluations filters prospective employers use to shortlist from the myriad of resumes.
… And we at ‘Change Ur Story’ with a brilliant team of talented, experienced and proven Resume Coaches help you develop a resume which does exactly that!
The Resume Writing service we offer is about partnering with you to develop a world class professional resume, to do justice to your experience and expertise that you have developed over the years in your career.
Why should you engage us?
• Increase the visibility of your profile
• Get assistance in your job search from the coaches with rich experience in the industry
• Get a world class resume with excellent quality & accuracy 
The Resume Writing & Consulting service includes-
  • Resume Critiquing
  • Detailed Consultation
  • The right resume for the role you aspire to achieve
  • Extremely personalized service 100% client satisfaction
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Session on Networking

LinkedIn Profile Re-branding Services

Do you know that your LinkedIn Profile is your Resume that never sleeps!

It is the world’s largest professional network and a great way for companies, clients, and opportunities to find you. In the present times, a professional LinkedIn Profile is inevitable for your growth!
It helps you to re-brand yourself and gives your prospective employer the confidence to hire you.

Why should you engage us?
  • Increase the visibility of your profile
  • Get assistance in your job search from the Coach
  • Get a complete professional looking LinkedIn Profile
  • Be more confident by using a personalized strategy to expand your professional network
  • Experience a Personalized service custom-made to suit your requirements
The LinkedIn Profile Rebranding service includes-
  • A detailed review of your profile Alignment with the Resume to project the right image for the desired objective
  • Optimized profile with the right skills/competencies listed
  • Extremely personalized service and assistance in completing the profile
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • 45-60 Min. Training Session on LinkedIn Profile Optimization to achieve your goals 

And remember- A complete LinkedIn profile gets 7 times more views from companies and potential clients!


Winners don’t do different things.. They just do things differently! And we at Change Ur Story help you do exactly that!!

The first step one wants to succeed in, is to get through the evaluation filters used to shortlist from the myriad of resumes received by the prospective employers or prospective clients in case you are an Entrepreneur.
The Personal Web Portfolio building services is about partnering with you to develop a Personal Website for you in order to showcase your experience, skills & expertise and target the opportunities that you are targeting, in the most creative & professional manner. We thrive on quality and customer satisfaction and your personal but professional web portfolio will ensure that you get found by the prospective employers & customer and will give you the needed edge to stand out from the crowd!!

Why should you engage us?

• Tell Ur Story in the most unique way possible
• People Google you.. Own what shows up when someone googles your name
• You are a unique individual and you must own a home on this world wide web. Simple!
• Build and control your Personal Brand and communicate it to potential clients & employers
• Create your one central master hub online and use it to your competitive advantage

Personal Web Portfolio service includes- 

  • Content for your Personal Web Portfolio
  • Integration with social media handles
  • Registered domain for your name & web hosting for one year
  • Alignment with the targeted position or objective
  • Extremely personalized service and assistance in completing the video (if opted for)
  • 100% client satisfaction


Do you want to be one of the million or one out of million?

A video resume allows you to speak directly to your potential employer or customer about what makes you uniquely qualified for the opportunity. It can be a strong positioning to your expertise and help you establish and distinguish yourself from others, through your personality and creativity.

Why should you engage us?

• Video Resumes are on the rise
• Let the prospective employer/client see the real you!
• Stand heads & shoulders above the rest
• Communicate your own unique value proposition
• Opportunity to showcase your personality in the most unique way

The Video Resume service includes-

  • A detailed review of your profile
  • Alignment with the opportunity
  • Extremely personalized service and assistance in completing the video
  • Elevator Pitch and Video Script Draft
  • 100% client satisfaction

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