We must learn from what she learnt in the Ring!

We must learn from what she learnt in the Ring!

As the Mary Kom fever builds up with the release of this biopic, I happened to stumble upon some of the things this great legend learnt in the ring..

While the learnings shared are the ones picked up from the life in a Boxing Ring, but they make so much of sense even in Life and in a Professional’s life we call- ‘Career’. So then let’s look at them closely-

1.) The world can be very black and white, add your own color and make your own identity-

I have come to learn that there are no real reasons in life. They are mere excuses and justifications we give to self and others in order to do, be or have whatever we want. We all have our own aspirations and agendas and our own filters we use to define everything, in a way we want to comprehend it. And the same remains true for each one of us. Let me ask a question-

Do you want to spend the rest of your life living it the way others define it- through their agendas, filters, experiences and lives? I think I know your answer. Why..? Coz truly the world can be so black and white.

For a change, find your own color, find what inspires you and carve your own niche, what interests you, what are your strengths and what is that you want to spend your professional life doing and create your own identity.

2.) The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back, that’s real glory- that’s the essence of it-

Well, that’s the essence of success too! Life keeps throwing you down. There are set backs in one’s career. Sometimes despite the fact that one does work very hard and gives his best, there are times when the rewards don’t come as expected. Not just that, there are times when you are totally knocked down, doubting in one’s abilities and actions. But so what? So what? You need to tackle the issue, move forward and keep moving forward.. There is no time to rest or carry the baggage.. One must focus on the solution instead. Figure out a way to either prove yourself in the same role else re-establish your career goals and strategies. Well, coming back even when you are knocked to your knees is the real glory!

3.) I hated every minute of training but I said- Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion-

How often do you invest in your learning & development? Don’t wait for your organization to, it’s your career, your skills, your expertise and therefore your investment. Don’t just become anybody.. Become somebody. It’s important to be willing to go the extra mile and take additional initiatives as it strengthens your position as a committed and valuable resource. Invest your effort and time to study, enroll for a course with a professional institute that will give you exposure to best practices in the industry. Pick one skill that you can grow to be an expert of. Work hard to explore, discover and then master that skill. Be known for your expertise and then re-align your career goals with it. In the long run, it’s a great strategy to build upon and succeed in your career!

4.) Rest if you must, but don’t quit-

Quitting is no option.. Your organization may not be valuing you enough, your team may not be supporting you enough, your Manager may not be appreciating you enough. Yet, quitting is no option. Diagnosis is! Try to understand the situation, introspect, and seek help from your Manager. Seeking feedback is your responsibility! Interview your colleagues, if that can show you a true picture of what may be your perceived value. Take a little break to revive, if you need to. Then create an action plan and turn things around. You can’t afford to take critical career decisions based on assumptions or other’s perceptions but once you have all the facts then surely you are in a position to align or re-align your role/job/organization with your career.

5.) I can..I will…End of Story-

Need I say more…? NOW… Just tell yourself with all the courage, faith and commitment-

I CAN AND I WILL! End of Story!

So then, what’s your story? Do share it with us… Are you struggling in your career? Have you reached a plateau? Do you find yourself a little lost in your organization? Is your Manager not supporting you? Do your colleagues look like aliens to you? What is it that you could do to re-launch your career today?

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