4 tips for employees to overcome the Jet Airways crisis

4 tips for employees to overcome the Jet Airways crisis

Jet Airways’ employees were in for a big shock when the airline announced the suspension of its operations until further notice. While they had not received their salaries for nearly four months, the sudden loss of employment was not something that most of them were prepared for. The non-receipt of salaries also put a lot of strain on their finances leading to high levels of stress. As I followed the news hoping that the airline finds a solution to its financial problems and the employees resume their lives, somewhere I couldn’t help but think about the employees and their plight.

Losing a job is a very stressful period. While I have met many professionals who were ‘asked to leave’ since the organization was ‘downsizing’, this is a completely different story. An airline as big as Jet Airways which employs thousands of people has ‘suspended’ its operations. So, there is hope, right? Theoretically speaking, if the operations are suspended then the airline can resume them too. In fact, most employees are hoping that the consortium of banks agrees to lend the emergency funds to the airline and the aircrafts get back in the air. Also, there have been numerous protests in Delhi with the employees demanding the government to step in and solve the crisis. However, should the employees merely wait and hope that things get back to the way they were before the Jet Airways crisis?

While the government and the Jet Airways management try to find a solution to this unfortunate turn of events, the employees have many battles to fight. If you are a Jet Airways employee or a professional who wants to know what should one do in such times, then read on:

How to overcome the Jet Airways Crisis?

#1: Assess your life (professionally and financially)

The media is flooded with some heart-breaking stories about the Jet Airways crisis its employees’ and their families. It is hard to imagine how the employees managed their expenses despite not being paid for four months! While the management had committed that the salaries will be cleared soon, it has impacted the savings of most employees. Also, apart from the salary, losing a job means a sudden loss of direction in your career.

Hence, it is important to sit down and assess your life – both financially and professionally. This allows you to get a clear picture of where you stand and what you can do to get back to your career.

#2: Socialize with a clear purpose

One thing is almost certain – the next birthday party you attend or the next coffee meet-up that you are a part of, a big chunk of the conversation will center on the fact that you used to work in Jet Airways. People will want to know the details and how you are coping with stress. Acknowledge them but avoid any urge to express your anger on the management at such times.


It is important to socialize as it can bring career opportunities. But you need to be clear about the kind of jobs that you are looking for. Talk positively and let people see your strengths than just the bad situation.

#3: Upgrade yourself

 You get up in the morning (as a matter of habit) but don’t have a job to go to. This can be frustrating. Also, your current set of skills were sufficient for your current job. But, are they enough to land you the next assignment? Research the market and look for ways in which you can upgrade or up-skill yourself. Were you always thinking of making a move to another industry or having your own start-up? If yes, then this can be a good opportunity to put those plans into action.

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#4: Seek assistance

Every day that goes by can add to the pressure of not having employment on you and lead you to take desperate measures of taking up any job that you can find. This can be counter-productive and damage your confidence in the long-run.

 If you are finding this situation too overwhelming, then talk to a career coach. Also, create a plan of action to get you back in your career.

Summing Up

The aviation industry is a highly competitive zone. Finding the right job requires a lot of planning and focussed approach. At Change Ur Story, we have partnered with many professionals like you who were rendered jobless due to sudden changes in the organization. We have helped such employees discover their strengths and work on their weaknesses while charting out a road map to get them back on a job. So, if you are staring into nothingness and wondering where your life is headed next, pick up your phone and give us a call and let’s start working on getting your professional life on track.

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