5 Growth Hacks For Your Career You Can’t NOT Know!

Growth Hacks for your career_Career Coaching_ChangeUrstory

Sean Ellis is a name not alien to many. An entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor, he has gained popularity after coining the term ‘Growth Hacking’. In simple words, a growth hack is a step-by-step method of creating growth and increasing sales for a company. After learning about Growth Hacking, I realized that the concepts…

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How to resign professionally – Do’s and Don’ts

resign professionally

A successful career usually involves a series of jobs. We change jobs for various reasons like better growth opportunities, better salaries, geographical preference, change of industry, etc. Also, most of us spend a lot of time planning our careers and creating a powerful brand out of ourselves so that prospective employers find our profiles irresistible.…

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New Year’s Resolutions for a Successful Career

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As we stand at the cusp of a New Year, most of us will be busy planning for the New Year’s Eve & Holidays in general. I personally love the months of December-January. It is characterized by a lot of festivities, celebrations and generally, people seem to be in a happy mood. Having said that,…

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Psychological tricks to help you Ace Job Interviews

ace job interviews

A great career is usually built on great interview-giving skills. Professionals who ace job interviews are capable of presenting their true potential to prospective employers resulting in better career opportunities. While offering prompt and correct answers to questions during an interview is a must, you will be surprised to learn about the impact non-verbal messages…

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Are you working in a group or a team? Find out! Your success depends on it!

Last week, I went to the cinemas to watch the Akshay Kumar-starrer – GOLD. A fantastic retelling of India’s first Olympic Gold medal after gaining independence by defeating Britain in the finals. Patriotism and nostalgia galore, the movie certainly is an inspiring watch. However, one strong aspect that stood out for me was the display…

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3 Powerful Tips to fight the miserable feeling at work!

Most of you would have heard the term – Monday Morning Blues. Many people use it to refer to the miserable feeling they experience on most Monday mornings. Do you suffer from the occasional Monday Morning Blues too? Or, do you feel miserable at work and heave a sigh of relief at the end of…

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What do I want from my Professional Life?

What do I want from my Professional Life? What does my Career mean? How important is it to me? Is it merely the right mix or a sum total of my education, skills, learnings, job role, team, workplace, compensation, years of work experience and organization? Well, technically, YES! But not really, isn’t it? So, what…

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YOU are a Brand; Period! Do you agree?

Do you have a LinkedIn presence? I am sure that most of you will answer affirmatively. Let me ask you again, do you have a LinkedIn PRESENCE? Before you rubbish it as a foolish question, give a good thought. I am not asking if you have updated your personal and professional details on LinkedIn. Neither…

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Iceland makes its first FIFA appearance – Dreams do come true

Post a grand opening ceremony, the FIFA World Cup was kicked off on June 14, 2018. Thirty-two teams qualified for this grand quadrennial football event. Of these, Iceland qualified for their first ever appearance in the FIFA World Cup. A tiny nation with a population of around 350,000 only qualified for the biggest footballing spectacle…

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Taste professional success like Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

Professional Success_career coaching

In a thrilling final of IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) defeated Sun Risers Hyderabad (SRH) by eight wickets, chasing the 179 run target in merely 18.3 overs. CSK, which has the best win percentage (61.56) and the most number of appearances in the IPL finals recorded its third IPL win this year. There are…

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