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Top reasons to see if I need a Career Coach

In the age of D-I-Y (Do It Yourself), many people question the need for a coach in their lives. After all, machine learning and artificial intelligence have empowered most of us to take charge of our lives and steer it in the direction that we want. I have found many athletes train themselves using advanced applications and information available online. While I am a huge proponent of self-learning, I also believe that coaches are the wind beneath our wings, helping us to reach greater heights of success. When it comes to our career, most people are not sure if they need a Career Coach. Today, I will talk about some tell-tale signs that can help you understand if you really do need a Career Coach.

Timothy Gallwey, the author of The Inner Game which focuses on the development of personal and professional excellence says:

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Before you try to assess the need for one, it is important to understand what a Career Coach does.

What does a Career Coach do?

A Career Coach helps you gain insight into your professional life, creates clarity with respect to your goals, guides you through major milestones, and helps you overcome career obstacles. Usually, most of us turn to our family and/or friends for our career woes, advice, and suggestions. While we get well-meaning responses from them, a Career Coach offers a more professional approach helping you achieve the desired results.

If you are unsure about whether or not you need to talk to a Career Coach to figure out your professional life, then here are four signs to look out for:

#1. I am not happy with my job

This is a no-brainer. If you are not happy or satisfied with your job and everything seems to bother you at work, then it is probably a good time to talk to a Career Coach. Do you suffer from the Monday morning blues? Or, do you work from weekend-to-weekend or holiday-to-holiday? These are signs that you are not happy with your job. A Career Coach can help you analyse the reasons behind your lack of job satisfaction and help you transition into a role that aligns with your skills.

# 2. I don’t like my job but it’s a good Paycheck

Over the years of talking to professionals from various walks of life, I have come to believe that you can be one of these two types of professionals:

  1. I don’t like my job but it’s a good paycheck
  2. I love my job and get paid for it too

While I understand that we cannot undermine the importance of a good paycheck, staying in an unhappy job can have long-term detrimental effects on you. If you find yourself in the first lot, then it is probably a good time to talk to a Career Coach to help move to the second lot.

# 3. I am not advancing in my career

When was the last time you got promoted? Do you often feel like you are stuck in your job? We all need career advancement as it helps us feel wanted in the organization and remain excited about our future. However, if you find yourself lacking growth options in your company, then talking to Career Coach can help you understand if you need to upgrade your skills and/or knowledge or opt for a career change.

# 4. I have been on a career break for way too long

Are you letting your career break, break your career? If you have been unemployed for some time and are unable to find the right opportunity, then you probably need a second opinion on our job-hunt strategy. A Career Coach can help you re-construct your resume, look at your networking strategy and help you get closer to the next dream job.

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