3 Powerful Tips to fight the miserable feeling at work!

3 Powerful Tips to fight the miserable feeling at work!

Most of you would have heard the term – Monday Morning Blues. Many people use it to refer to the miserable feeling they experience on most Monday mornings. Do you suffer from the occasional Monday Morning Blues too? Or, do you feel miserable when you are at work and heave a sigh of relief at the end of every working day? If yes, then this article is all about you.

Remember the day when you appeared for the interview for the job that you are currently in? When you received the offer letter from the company, your excitement had known no bounds. This was most probably a move for better package or growth opportunities. Eventually, as the initial excitement died down, the blues started making an appearance. Bad boss, nagging colleagues, unfair distribution of work, no future – the reasons can be many but the effect the same. Today let’s look at the top 3 factors that contribute to this miserable feeling at work:

01- The feeling of being underutilized

Most of us are itching to perform and make a difference to the organization that we serve. We want to prove our potential and hope to get opportunities for the same. However, the routine work invariably takes over and we end up feeling underutilized, bored and even complacent at times. And the outcome – Monday Morning Blues!

Try this

  • Take up new assignments
  • Suggest process improvements
  • Talk to your boss about taking on more responsibilities

In simple words, do something to make your role more challenging.

02- You are the only one NOT getting promoted

Five people joined your team at the same time including you. Four of them already got promoted, but growth seems to evade you. You smell favoritism, bias or simply curse your destiny. More BLUES!

Try this

  • Time for an upgrade. Do you need to enhance your skillset – technical or interpersonal?
  • Attend a few workshops on how to manage your boss J

03- Things you don’t like doing OUTWEIGH those that you do

All our jobs can be divided into two parts – the tasks that we love doing and those that we don’t. For e.g., if you don’t like email correspondence but your job requires you to interact within and outside the organization via emails, then BLUES are bound to follow. This is simply because the balance is off.

Try this

  • Try delegating things that you don’t like, to someone at work who does
  • Talk to your boss about restructuring your task list

In a nutshell…

Remember, life in general and your career in specific is too short to wait before you decide to do something about this miserable feeling at work. Take control of your situation and try to find solutions to the nagging issues. At the end of it, if you feel that you need a change in your job or career, then ensure that you approach it methodically.

At Change Ur Story, we have heard quite a few Monday Morning Blues tracks and helped them turn into rock songs. Be it a change of job or career or simply re-positioning yourself in your current organization, we help professionals fight the blues. Do drop us a line and let’s start scripting your Monday Morning ROCK!

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