They are the wind beneath the wings

Have you heard of these people before?

  • Ramakant Achrekar
  • Roger Anderson
  • Vimal Kumar
  • M-Narjit Singh
  • Gurudev Singh
  • Peter Carter
  • Don Crosby
  • Rijkaard

No..? Now look at this list here-

  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Sania Mirza
  • Saina Nehwal
  • Mary Kom
  • Milkha Singh
  • Roger Federer
  • Tiger Woods
  • Linonel Messie

Very familiar.. Right?

While it is these Sports Superstars who win medals, become famous in the media and sign lucrative endorsement deals. But behind those superstars are the Coaches who plan their programmes and put them on the way to success.

The list on the left is the list of the great Coaches to these great Sports Superstars. No doubt they were ordinary people who worked hard towards the goals with strong grit and determination and went up to achieving extra-ordinary results. Yet…Behind the scenes they always knew that there is someone on their side NO MATTER WHAT.. While this alone is such an empowering context, they have been fortunate to have some outstanding Coaches to prepare them for the highest level of competition. While these players were great individuals who had dreams and wanted to fly.. But, the wind beneath their wings were their Coaches!

The Coach- like their Champion, a strong Critique and a Sounding Board would constantly empower them to better their game, motivate when they are not in a great shape, support them survive despite all the pressure, teach them resilience, strategize their next move and most importantly remind them of their purpose constantly. The Coach whose mission is to see his/her Coachee successful.

I feel intrigued by this question today- If Athletes have Coaches. Why not everyone else?

When we are sick, we go to a Doctor. But we don’t need to be miserable or fail to seek a Coach. All of us need a Coach- irrespective of the game we are playing and irrespective of how we are playing. Hiring a Coach is not a remedial measure. Having a Coach is a non-negotiable deal- could be the best decision you made in your entire career. A Coach could be your Career Catalyst, your guide to help you get back on track. Seek a Coach now..Not that your Career will not turn out without one.. However, with a Coach for sure you will get there faster, higher and better and you will love the journey too! Imagine what one could achieve with the constant support of a Coach by your side. Do not underestimate the value that a Coach could bring to your career or life.. So don’t wait for the right time.. The right time is Right Now!! And a great Coach Ron O’Brien has said- “If you don’t trust yourself at this moment, trust in me, because I believe in you” the wind beneath the wings.

Until next time, signing off…Adios!

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