I have a job but is it my Dream Job?

I have a job but is it my Dream Job?

So then let’s find your Dream Job!

But then–




In the recent past some professionals who were working at senior most roles at one of the most lucrative, influential and enviable positions in the most desirable organizations like the Facebook and Flipcart have been in the News!

  • Mukesh Bansal steps down from the position of a Chief Business Officer at Flipkart
  • Kirthiga Reddy, Managing Director, Facebook-India, who was the first employee of Facebook in India quits after 6 years of a successful career with the company.

Apparently, these would be some of the typical ‘Dream Jobs’ for most of us! Now the question really intrigues me-

Does a DREAM JOB ever exist in reality?

Is it that we are so busy fascinating with this idea of a Dream Job that we are just in love with the thought alone? And go on pursuing something out there like a MIRAGE. A Dream Job- which is somewhere, out there but may never be achieved or touched or experienced?

For all you know, you already are in a Dream Job but don’t even know or appreciate it!

So folks, think about it-

  • What does a Dream Job mean for you?
  • Have you taken out the needed time to define it?
  • What is the plan to achieve it? Do you have one at all?
  • What actions are you taking to achieve it?
  • Would achieving it mean Happiness & Fulfilment to you?

And make sure that when you address these questions, don’t get too obsessed with the thought of landing in the DREAM JOB, but believe in the process of achieving it too. What is the point of achieving something, if you are only struggling and not having fun on the way? One doesn’t need to struggle! The process could be effortless…And there are Experts to help! Hire a Coach who can partner with you in your journey and help you find the answers to all the questions and more. And most importantly, do not forget to take a pause once in a while- look around and enjoy the journey as it is equally important. Infact, it is the excitement, fear, and challenges of the journey that makes it completely worth it, when you get there! And don’t get there all by yourself- have people  around you- to witness your journey, your faith, your hard work and most importantly to raise a toast for you- when you get there at the Pinnacle!

So do write to us and let us know- What is your Dream Job?

Signing off with a wish- May you find your Dream Job soon and may you give it all you have to get there!

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