jouney for a vacation

Hong Kong Diaries- From my eyes & Heart!

And the HOLIDAY began..In the month of August’16 we embarked our jouney for a vacation much awaited and only I know- how much deserved!

As a parent, I realize it is so imperative to take the kids out to see places as it is through this exposure that children experience life differently and grow. As we landed after a comfortable flight…It was already next morning in HK and by the time we reached our Hotel, we were looking for an Indian Restaurant in the vicinity to grab lunch. What a relief to have found one-And only those who are purely vegetarian will understand what I mean by that! The 1st place we visited was:

The famous Victoria Peak & Madam Tussads-

It was great to get clicked with the world’s Superstars, Champions, and greatest personalities. And the break taking view at the Victoria Peak. Where I said to myself with a deep sigh-‘I will get to the Pinnacle!’ It’s so wonderful to connect to that inner voice within you and just purely listen to yourself! Day 1 ended with some nice serene time at The Victoria Peak followed by the ride on the ferry at the harbor and gazing at the sparkling signature sky scrapers of Hong Kong.

Ocean Park-

The Day 2 Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong’s favorite attractions and was really special as this day was August 14ththe 3rd Anniversary of ‘Change Ur Story’.

It is fun amusement park and when we rode on the Cable Car, it was an experience not to be missed! I almost felt as if I am flying on the sea. It was a beautiful helicopter view from not just over the sea but metaphorically speaking as I said to myself – This is how Life passes by for most of us -when so often we keep missing on to those precious views (read moments) in the hurry to just get to the other end. We had so much fun at the Bird Sanctuary, Thrill Rides and the Dolphin Show not to forget-the very long escalators which are difficult to find anywhere else and it was truly gratifying to get right to the top! J after a long but thrilling day here.

Hong Kong City-

The next 1 and half days we had to ourselves to explore this beautiful city of Hong Kong. We managed to visit the most famous malls and did some random shopping at the local markets. I cannot miss sharing about those coachable moments with my daughter where we played this little game of being able to find anything and everything exactly at the time we wanted it. She was so fascinated to have learnt this new skill. I was so overwhelmed to see her discover the true power of belief and language! Holidays sometimes gives us the opportunities that we completely miss on amidst the daily rut of life.

Most Awaited Disneyland Tour-

Then came the day to visit Disneyland… At Disneyland, we knew like everyone that you get to see the Disney characters roaming. What we did not know is along with the Disney Characters coming alive- YOU GET ALIVE TOO!

It was as if we have transported to a Dream World. The experience was nothing but extraordinaire. What conception and execution- Immaculate to the core- including some magnificent shows and live performances by some of the world’s best artists. The perfection I saw in front my eyes is something that will stay with me forever and still continues to grow on me. All I could say to myself was- How I wish I could enliven that similar level of passion in everything that touches me or I get to create! As per me, I don’t think there can be anything more satisfying than this. There were several moments when I had goose bumps and was so touched that at several moments I cried happy tears of overwhelm. And exactly when I thought-it’s over there came the Grand Finale- The Fireworks! I still am nothing but SPEECHLESS! All I can say is even if I go all the way back to just see that again.. It will still be worth it!

It reaffirmed my belief – ‘DREAMS DO COME TRUE!’I felt blessed and grateful as a parent to have my child experience all the magic. It was indeed the best part of the whole trip so much so that one day just wasn’t enough and so we stayed put in the Hotel inside the Disneyland letting the magic continue to over the next day. This is going to be one the most special Holidays for me & my family.

Travel to Macau-

In the final leg- we went to Macau via ferry and we stayed in one of the oldest Landmark Hotels of Macau-The Venetian. This part of the Holiday was actually about unwinding and relaxing. We spent hours in the pool.

And as all great things come to an end.. So did our HOLIDAY!

Finally it was the day when we had to leave Macau, and return Home. We took the ride back in our Ferry and transfer to the HK Airport. And we left happily with some great memories to cherish. We were all tired but after some rest were so rejuvenated as the routine took over.

And I said to myself- ‘What a well-deserved break it was!’

May we all find time to pause enough and take such breaks and more!

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