A New Chapter In My Story!

A New Chapter In My Story!

A New Chapter In My Story! Sometimes expressing your love through words seem to be impossible. Sometimes the words really can’t say enough, perhaps that is when you feel the urge to go an extra mile, to make someone feel special, make someone feel loved. It all started with one such moment in my life where I wanted to make my better half feel really special. He had been wanting to buy an SUV and so I decided to gift him a car and surprise him.

Buying a car may not be a big deal today but buying it all by myself at that time was a huge task, infact it was my Dream! But, I strongly believe in the power of a Dream..a Creation! I feel nothing is impossible, no dream is too big if one strongly believes in it.

In today’s monotonous life, Dreams & Desires have lost their meaning- most of us are in a rush-struggling, trying to make the two ends meet, surviving, recovering from the pressures from family, office, society, paying bills, completing formalities and sleep walking- if you know what I mean. We all have been hearing inspirational people talk, have been reading it in the books that our thoughts are very powerful. We can manifest all that we want! We all read such things and forget them and rarely put them into action. Even if we do, we do not acknowledge them and forget them after a while because somewhere we believe that it’s just a book or an ideology…something out there-nice to know, intellectualize and read.

There are very few who believe in dreams and even fewer who dare to live their dreams. So it all started 2 years ago- With me turning One Year Old as an Entrepreneur with my new venture, and in a personal conversation with my better half once I asked him, when are we going to buy an SUV..?  And just before he could answer… I said with conviction-

“No worries…I WILL BUY YOU ONE!”

I have also been reading many books and following some people who have significant amount of credibility. I mean- how many such books you would have read until now..? Many…Right?  But once we walk out into the practical world we comfortably get back to our old way of being, the same thinking patterns which are largely based on our fears and not dreams. Because let’s face it, we all think- DREAMS ARE JUST DREAMS and we feel happy living in that DREAM- which ends up becoming a secret get away place that we visit every once in a while to feel good and disconnect from the reality. Unfortunately, that place continues to remain –a place- too good to be true buts nice to imagine!

I do take a lot of pride when I share- I have always believed in going beyond reality and practicality so to speak. I not just believed in my Dreams but also believed in creating more Dreams to then follow them and make them come true. Let me quote a close friend of mine here who once said- “When I met Chinmayee, it felt like I had suddenly walked into a dream world because it is her belief in what she says or dreams about-that makes them happen!”

So then I started working towards this one too.. I became aware of everything I said, everything I thought, as I knew I was very well on my way to manifesting my Dream. So with time- as I started to research more and more about the car the stronger my conviction became. While it was a tall task for me-the excitement of the Dream coming true kept fuelling that desire and kept me going stronger and stronger. So about 6 months ago- this year in 2016- I finally declared to myself and a few very select people who I trusted-that end of this year I am buying a car –The Brand, The Model and The Colour.. It was all decided- A gift for my better half and that it would be a complete surprise.. I didn’t just stop there—Every little detail was planned about executing the Surprise and unveiling it to the family.

I’d like to specially mention here that all through as I was working towards this Dream- there was not even an iota of doubt or a question that sounded like- “What if I don’t…..” Irrespective of how unreachable it seemed in reality- I simply believed coz this wasn’t the first time- I was going to see myself as a powerful manifestor.

My space, my language, my days, nights, feelings, thoughts and conversations-especially the ones with my own self changed as I knew what role each one had to play in the process, completely surrendering to this beautiful power– The Power of Creation.

Fast forward 6 months (felt like the longest ever…) this wonderful DREAM INDEED CAME TRUE…  I gifted the car wrapped full of love and gratitude to my beautiful family on the 11th November (11.11) in 2016- this day will continue to be a big milestone in my journey forever.

While I heard my loved ones tell me that this whole thought of buying a car for your better half as a gift itself is so beautiful however for me it was much more than that— It was about Love, Giving, Gratitude, Belief, Faith, Success and my Dream that came true!

The best part was I didn’t even have to wait for the end of the year as planned- coz I truly could not. See that’s how powerful you become when you believe in yourself and then, the Universe just supports continuously and invariably.

Something that felt like a distant dream from conceiving to imagining to thinking to deciding on the Brand/Model/Colour to collecting the resources to keeping it a secret all through…It all turned out to be REAL!

There were struggles, obstacles on the way but they all kept melting down when they met the FAITH and LOVE I had, to turn out exactly the way it should have…exactly how I wanted it! Can’t express enough gratitude to the Universe and all the love & blessings I have from my loved ones.

Now, this chapter is quite special and personal to me.. So why am I sharing all this with you? Coz I know you are my biggest CHAMPION! My intention here is to tell you that –


Trust me… Creating your life the way you want- be it personal goals or professional goals, is an on-going process, this is happening every moment. You know it or you don’t. But it is going on…

If you pause, notice and work on it…You can truly manoeuvre the ship of your life- the way you want it…Why? Coz who else will if YOU don’t… You are the Captain of your Ship.. Aren’t you?

At the end, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, my family, my dear friends and well-wishers for being such an important part of my journey. This can’t be complete without saying with 100% conviction-

If you do something you love, you will bloody make sure that you do it well and you grow along the way- not just in terms of expertise, or fame or money. But grow exactly the way you want! You can take my word for it!!

You can too write a new chapter in your story and Change Ur Story just the way I did.. Again! On that note-Keep Dreaming..More Power to Your Dreams!

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