Intimidated by Career Transition? 4 Ways to embrace yours!

Intimidated by Career Transition? 4 Ways to embrace yours!

If you are going through any Career Transition I hear you… Having been there myself and having coached several people through their Career Transitions..I know what its like to be on that side.

Be it a Project Change, Job Change, a Career Change, Role Enrichment or a Location Change…No Transition is easy. Its like starting a journey in the unknown waters where no matter how much one is prepared, one can only experience once you embark the journey!

There is an incredible team of Coaches around the world who are supporting thousands of people each year, working with leading companies around the world to coach employees and their families through their career transition. It has been my privilege to be a part of this global team @ Impact Group, USA, contributing to my mission of reaching out to more people and making a meaningful impact.

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I have had a wonderful opportunity to coach people of different nationalities who relocate to India and go through different emotions as they settle down here, re-starting their career in a new country. The other important role where I have contributed is during Outplacements which can be an emotionally draining experience for anyone. I still remember my first conversation with a Participant who was just told a couple of hours ago, that he is being laid off. By the time I was coaching him a few days later, he still couldn’t come to terms with the reality and just couldn’t think straight.

What an incredible journey we had from him going through an earth shattering experience of being laid off to facing the interviews powerfully- finally landing into a great job- a role that promised him growth, learning and bigger responsibilities!

Indeed Coaching helps people not just only through this critical phase of Transition, but also empowers them to turn around a situation that could derail you totally off course into an opportunity, which may catapult your career and relaunch stronger. However, this journey can be really tough so, a few tips that I have learnt as I got to coach people through some of the most critical phases in their careers are-

  1. Rome was not built in a day-
    • While Patience is the key, the bigger question would be- to stay emotionally healthy, as one works on planning the next course. As you move to make your plan work and take action, it’s only natural to feel down and out. It’s natural to worry about the uncertainties and it only gets worse when you try and resist the natural! What I mean by that is- one must acknowledge all the emotions and feelings, take some time to allow yourself to come to terms with what is and once you are emotionally ready, you let these emotions fuel your spirit towards a better future.
  2. You don’t want to do it alone-
    • While we have all heard- End of the day we are all Alone! And yes, I too personally agree that whatever one goes through is your journey alone! However, you have a support system in your friends, family who are suffering as much to see you suffer. So no matter what you are going through-DO NOT SUFFER!
    • Feel free to ask for the needed support to help you manage the difficult situations. You may want to explore connecting with the new groups, utilizing the time at hand to learn a new skill, spending time with your family and so on. Remember it is okay to ask for professional support to help you cope with this change. People are happy to help-But you gotta ask for it!
  3. Failing to plan is planning to fail-
    • Life is not about what happens to you-but about what you make out of what happens to you!
    • Once you accept the reality and get acclimatized to the new environment, you want to put together a 3-4 months plan, and dedicate a 100% commitment to follow through It’s a great idea to have a Coach walk with you on this path. You may explore having an Accountability Partner who can help you stay focused on your goals.
  4. Honor yourself and your journey-
    • No matter how impractical it may sound, but I can’t stress this point enough that it is absolutely imperative to celebrate small victories & accomplishments. Life becomes beautiful when you choose to acknowledge and honor yourself for not giving up, acknowledge your journey- for the distance you have travelled thus far, for driving through all the crests and troughs. So when you do have a reason to smile- no matter how small it is, pause for a moment to pat your back and feel grateful for all that is- moving on to the next goal.

Well, as the end I want to remind you what I remind myself- Nothing is permanent and this shall pass too!

Don’t lose your mind no matter how insecure you feel at the moment, trust your journey and yourself and you will be taken care off! J

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