Heavens fall here- Leh-Ladakh.. If not here then I don’t know where

Heavens fall here- Leh-Ladakh.. If not here then I don’t know where..

I have personally never felt so mesmerized, exhilarated and ecstatic as I did with Mother Nature at Leh, I am so proud is part of our country- India. I have been quite blessed to visit quite a few places, as I personally believe in taking frequent vacations, however I have never seen anything close to what Leh seemed to me!

The mountains covered with snow and the haze just above it making the cloud line so obscure that each time I see these mountains it makes me wonder- if it is the top of the mountain or the beginning of the cloud?- Yet seeming so perfect, pure and pristine!

So as I landed in Leh, the Day 1 as advised preferred to rest in order to get acclimatized to the weather as the Oxygen is quite less in the atmosphere, given the height of the place.

Day 2 as I embarked my journey including marvelous experiences at- the beautiful Sangam, where the two rivers amalgamate to become one, the magical Magnetic Hill-that defies the Law of Gravity and the roller coaster of emotions feeling both proud and emotional reading about the young Martyrs of Indian Army at the Hall of Fame. Another place we visited was the Shanti Stupa where I grabbed the opportunity of meditating right next to the great idol of Buddha and then chose to enjoy the rare experience of bidding the Sun adieu that was so magical!

Day 3 was unbelievable and almost inexplicable no matter how much I try to capture it in words here- yet I will make an attempt. 80 Kms. from Leh, 17585 Ft. Above, -4 Degrees temperature at this place called-Changla Pass (the 3rd highest motor-able road in the world!).. Though felt too sore because of the cold, yet ecstatic on the sight of these beautiful hills- all covered with the snow, amidst the incredible snow fall- almost feeling as if it happened for us! As I continued my journey for another 80 Kms, I got to witness something I call HEAVEN- The breath-taking Pagong Lake- the highest salt water lake in the world. There was this beautiful grand lake and deafening silence, with the subtle sound of the moving water- crystal clear and pure blue in color with a clear reflection of the sky as if talking to me! If there is one feeling I have to sum up here..It was ABUNDANCE! IF I could- I will give it the name of 8th WONDER OF THE WORLD!

Day 4 we went to the further elevated Khardungla Pass-18379 Ft.(the highest motor-able road in the world), where despite freezing temperatures it felt so perfect- a different planet altogether! We truly were on top of this world! We then continued our journey to the unique Nubra Valley- with rivers offering tremendous yet accessible scenery with the villages surrounded by scree slopes and long stretches of plains & nothingness and then the beautiful silver sand dunes appearing from nowhere with the soft patches of sun playing hide and seek with the mountains below!

And the journey continues– as I look forward to the nature’s mystery unfolding. So then I wonder when we go on a journey/vacation what excites us the most- Is it the excitement of visiting a new place? Or is it the change from routine? Or is it experiencing the nature/ adventure or simply the unknown?

Well, while all of this adds to the whole, however, what makes it most exciting and interesting is not the experience alone but it is about being able to share this experience with someone. It is about someone witnessing me witness the beautiful nature, the mountains, the sea, the adventure. Someone to experience me as I experience the bliss and the joy…

I can’t even begin to share how refreshing and reviving this break could be, from the deadening routine of life.. A break to disconnect from the whole world, like I chose to disconnect- to reconnect with myself, my higher self, my purpose, my companion (for the trip and life too 🙂 with Mother Nature and most importantly this place extraordinaire called Leh-Ladakh.. I wish I come here again- with more richer and wiser me with my significant someone to just be US! Until then, signing off…Adios!

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