Through with Appraisals..Ready for next..?

Through with Appraisals..Ready for next..?

So if you are working in the Corporate World, then you definitely know the process of Appraisals and you know it well. So, which category do you fall in-?

1.) Happy with Appraisals this year and ready for the next?

2.) Disappointed with Appraisals and struggling to diagnose?

3.) Feeling cheated and looking out for a change?

Well, if you fall under the 1st category..Yippee! Congratulations!

Please don’t get trapped in complacency. You may want to think about the next big thing from hereon for your career and you may stop reading this  article NOW J


If you are someone who falls in the next two categories..Please read on-

First and foremost it is imperative that you pin down the real reason for your disappointment or dis-satisfaction-

  • Is it the Performance Rating assigned to your performance for the given tenure?
  • Is it the way Appraisals process was carried out- which could mean the way your feedback was given to you or disagreement on your Performance between you and your superior?
  • Is it the Increment/Rewards given to you as a result of the Appraisals?

Once, you are clear about the real issue that is bothering you, let’s see how you could turn this around and get control over the situation. The key is to know yourself first. Understanding your work style, strengths, development areas, management style (if you manage a team), and general personality type are good ways to determine how and where you may need to align with your Superior’s style in these areas.

So it is time for some Self-Reflection!

We know that people can work differently from each other, and some people are more difficult to work with than others. One is required to take the ownership of his/her role and pay attention to the expectations from the same to align better with the Superior.

One must ask a lot of questions and not assume the role. So, if you want to achieve a great performance a great place to begin is to schedule a meeting with your supervisor and discuss setting expectations, goals, and priorities to ensure you are in alignment. Asking questions to understand your boss’s viewpoint, and knowing what defines success for your Boss, for you, your team, and the organization is crucial. You want to make a positive impact by forming a respectful, supportive and trustworthy partnership.  For instance you may ask-

  • What are your expectations and most important goals?
  • How can I contribute to help us reach these goals?

It is equally important to keep your boss informed on progress, deadlines, challenges and alternatives to circumvent obstacles will help prevent unwelcome surprises.  Being proactive, anticipating issues, and managing risk to avoid “fires” is always appreciated. Asking for feedback and graciously accepting it all – good and bad – will also help you learn and progress in your career.

And finally, if you are someone who has tried this all and yet, haven’t been given your due, the Big Question you may want to ponder over is: Should I LEAVE or STAY?

This is the question that baffles every employee in his career path. Every one spends a generous amount of time reflecting about the possibilities of new career path. Everyone wants to grow in their career, but when they start feeling that they are being stuck in their present job negativity and restlessness grows upon them.

Before taking the final plunge to change your job/career path, and to make an informed decision to stay or move from their current workplace one must address few critical questions-

  • What are the indicators that I need to shift from the current company?
  • Why do I want to leave the current job?
  • Am I leaving a bad job and going for the right one?
  • What are the risks that I am likely to encounter in the process of shifting from the current job to the other?
  • Am I prepared to handle the risks involved?
  • Will I get a good paying job than the current one?
  • Who could coach me through this important career transition?

Should I stay or should I go? Well, this is a question that you can answer adequately after following the above evaluation and action oriented process.

Career move is not an easy journey and it requires an objective understanding and a process in order to make the right moves. Hence, one must be prudent and make an informed decision for the best solution to achieve deeper level of fulfilment and satisfaction in the long run!

So then, are you really ready for the next?

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