Why in the professional world are you running?

Why in the professional world are you running?

We are all in the professional world running behind something.. But where to?

Individuals for the right job opportunities..

Employers for the right employees..

And then we tend to either make compromises or take a shortcut.

For instance, we have had the multi-crore scam called the VYAPAM scam.

A bunch of people trading off dreams with money…In the bargain, the whole system started to stink, people lost their lives, crores of funds mis-used and the most deserving of the individuals were deprived of the opportunities that belonged to them.

As per a reputed newspaper report-

India needs at least 55 million additional jobs by 2015 to maintain the current ratio of employed people to total population at 39 per cent. The CRISIL Research study is based on recently released National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) data on employment in India.

If there are so many job opportunities where are they?

If there are so many people looking out for the job, where are they?

What is the missing link?

If you are a job seeker, fresher, professional world or executive here are few questions for you to reflect upon-

  1. Am I looking at the right places?
  2. Am I positioning myself rightly?
  3. Am I reaching out to the right network or the right people in my network?
  4. Am I communicating the right value?
  5. Am I selling myself, my expertise and experience rightly?

Let’s reflect on these questions and make note of whatever is true for us, for you! And then take the needed action-

  • May be it’s time to hire a Career Coach.
  • Maybe it’s time to rewrite your resume.
  • May be it’s time for you to send that one email that you’ve been planning for so long.
  • May be it’s time to re-do your social media strategy or get a new LinkedIn Profile.
  • May be it’s time to think of that destination that is right for you and then re-align the path to follow.

May be its time to Change Ur Story!

Career move is not an easy journey and it requires an objective understanding and a process in order to make the right moves. Hence, one must be prudent and make an informed decision for the best solution to achieve deeper level of fulfilment and satisfaction in the long run!

So then, before we look at the market and say—Where? Let’s look within and decide where to? And then set out for the journey ahead!

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