What is the TAMASHA all about?

What is the TAMASHA all about?

Simply loved this movie TAMASHA…Kudos to the entire team for such a phenomenal piece of art work!

The word ‘Tamasha’ mostly refers to ‘Illusion’ generally used with a satirical accent. I think the movie was a great satire not just to Life itself but the very meaning we live and derive from ours!

I know it is not right to generalize so let me refrain…However, my interpretation here is largely determined from my own experiences of life and the way it occurs to me when I see the lives of many others- including my clients.

Now the question is that how many of us in the movie actually saw the ‘Tamasha’ that engulfs our real lives and how we are stuck in the vicious cycles to only manifest more of the same!!

And those who didn’t see it are the ones who perhaps want to continue enjoying the ‘TAMASHA’ J Some food for thought…….

So here are few major questions that we all deal with, in our life based on our respective journey-

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What should I do with my career?
  • Where does my happiness lie?

And then we all begin to deal with these questions in different ways- few by conforming, few by deviating and few by resisting and struggling. Tell me something- just like ‘Tara’ in the movie- aren’t we all looking for someone?

No I am not referring to the love interest or life partner here as you may be thinking.. But like a real ‘Tara’-Our star!!

I mean- about having someone who will not judge you, someone who will constantly challenge you to be- possibly the best YOU, someone who you could trust- someone who will always keep you grounded and champion you all through your journey of ‘Finding Yourself’!

Well, I know someone who can be just that and so much more… Want to know who?

I call it a COACH or a MENTOR!

And yes, we all need Coaches- to up level our game, to tell us that- you are bigger than your obstacles to help us break from our shackles and most importantly to tell us that-

Why are you looking outside? It’s your story you will decide what happens next and if you don’t like it-

“To ending change kar lenge…!”

If you are also looking for answers outside…We could help you help yourself by enabling you and empowering you to find yourself and Change Ur Story!

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