Socializing outside of work: Why is it important?

Socializing outside of work: Why is it important?

Human beings are social creatures and struggle to prosper in isolation. We need relationships – family, romantic partner, friends, colleagues, etc. However, living in a transactional world, we often misunderstand a transaction with a relationship. Socializing itself has become limited to social media channels and exchanging text messages/images. Also, most of us who have been working for a long time, find ourselves socializing with our co-workers. While this has its own pros and cons, that discussion is for another day. Today, I am going to talk about the importance of socializing outside of work and creating meaningful relationships.

In most offices, there is at least one employee who has fun weekends, regular birthday invitations, movie nights, and all the other fun stuff. On the other hand, the rest of the employees scroll through Instagram wondering when they would be able to live such lives. Well, if you find yourself on Instagram or grabbing a drink with your colleagues on most weekends, then probably it is time that you start considering socializing outside of work. Here are some reasons why:

Why you should start socializing outside of work?

When you socialize with your colleagues or co-worker, chances are that you would end up talking about work. The topics can range from boss-bashing, to workplace politics, etc. However, your social experience stays limited to the set of people that you anyways spend the entire day with.

By socializing outside of work, you can

  • Gain insights into different professions and/or people.
  • Expand your circle of influence.
  • Receive objective career advice, if needed.
  • Get a better perspective of your area of specialization across different industry segments.
  • Explore yourself and find things that truly interest you.
  • Push your boundaries and work beyond your comfort zone.

According to the motivational speaker Jim Rohn, we are the average of five people that we spend the most time with. Hence, it is important to be selective about the people that you give your time to. By socializing outside of work with people who share your values, vision, and career goals, you can find yourself in the company of like-minded professionals and benefit each other. Once you decide to start socializing outside of work, you are free to develop your network across any industry that interests you and/or individuals that inspire you.

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Tips for socializing outside of work

A professional career is a lifelong journey filled with discovery, exploration, and decisions. Before you start creating a social circle outside of work, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Think about the type of work that excites you – Regardless of your current job profile, spend some time to think about the kind of work that stimulates you the most. For example, marketing, designing, software development, photography, etc.
  2. Next, think about the kind of people who are in these lines of work – Do you find any similar personality traits with them? For example, photographers and designers are inherently creative. On the other hand, marketing professionals have a gift of the gab. Try to look for similarities between you and these professionals.
  3. Finally, do some research about the places these professionals work in – Like large corporates, solopreneurs, home office, etc. This will help you narrow your focus and find people that you want to socialize with.

The key is to find people whose overall career objectives and values align with yours. Once you start socializing with such people, you will observe a marked change in the way you approach your career.

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