Be the Christopher Columbus of your Life!

Be the Christopher Columbus of your Life!

Exploring the world is one of the best ways of exploring the mind…
– Rebecca Solnit

A vacation is the lifeline of many working professionals in the fast paced corporate world of today. It is the time to unwind, relax, de-stress, pamper yourself and most importantly – explore. Our ancestors were explorers in all walks of life. Finding new lands, discovering new tastes and cultures allowed them to open their minds and live a happier and fuller life. However, most of us have forgotten the importance of exploring and try to stick to the beaten path. We tend to visit similar places every year since we do not have the time or bandwidth to explore. This is also reflected in the way we approach our careers.

Right from the beginning of our careers we are smitten by the idea of following a career path that has been tried and tested by many and desire to outperform our peers and grow at a steady pace. However, this approach usually lands us in a spot where we keep working without enjoying the journey since we are fixated on the destination. This eventually leads to stress or lack of job satisfaction and even sudden disinterest in our jobs.

 I once knew a banking professional who had exceptional knowledge about cars, right from the mechanical details to the design and style components. However, his profession didn’t expose him to cars and he never delved deeper into this domain. During the ‘Discovery’ session, I was surprised to hear car-related analogies coming from a banker. On probing further, I realized that he had a keen inclination towards the four wheeled monsters and suggested him to mentally explore the possibility of a career switch. He didn’t look pleased since his banking job offered him stability and security which he was reluctant to let go. Cutting the long story short, he is today doing well as a car design consultant and is a much happier and a  satisfied professional.

Be the Christopher Columbus of your life

Now please don’t start looking for a ship and sail away in search of undiscovered lands (while that would be fun but the intention here is pun). What I mean to say is, ask yourself if you have explored various aspects of your potential. Mountaineering might be a hobby to you but if you don’t explore the career prospects then you might lose out on an opportunity to find a career path that also brings sublime joy.

Qualification, skills and experience should be the determinants of your career; rather they should be tools that help you find a career that brings out the best in you. The fundamental truth of life is that each one of us is unique and has the capability to carve a path for ourselves. However, many of us are guilty of following the one-size-fits-all approach especially in our careers. We spend a majority part of our professional lives doing a job that we don’t truly enjoy which explains the below par performance at times.

Kindle the explorer spirit inside you and open your eyes to your true talents. I am not asking you to throw caution to the winds and jump jobs in order to explore, but start looking around or take up a small projects or a consultant role (provided your current employer permits it). If there is any formula for success in the corporate world, it is DISCOVER yourself and align your career with your skills and abilities.

At Change Ur Story, we understand that a successful and satisfying career starts with a journey of self-discovery and realization of one’s ingrained aptitude. Our Discovery Sessions are designed to help professionals find the proverbial lighthouse amidst the storm. Be it resume writing or salary negotiation or any other aspect of your professional life, we are there with you all through your journey. Call us today!

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