Hacks you need to Breakthrough a Career Break

Hacks you need to Breakthrough a Career Break

I was recently working with a Client who is a full time Mother of 2 kids and since the kids are grown up now, she wants to transition back to the corporate job.

One may need to take a break from work and sometimes in Career for various reasons like – maternity, sabbatical, movement to a different city/ country or a long planned break/vacation. Sometimes the reason may be an unpleasant one such as illness or sickness of a family member and can certainly cause a break in your career. If such a thing happens, it can be a really stressful time for anyone.

No matter why the break in one’s career happens, there are few things one can do to plan a smooth transition whenever you plan to get back to work. Now the Step one to take action on, whenever he/she decides to get back to work is- Work on the Resume to start the job search and even before you start working on the same- you fret about how to mention your current situation i.e. being on a break in your resume. Isn’t it?

So here are few handy tips for you to focus on and not just to camouflage the break, but to take pride in it simply coz you took break from work not from learning and growing- 

Volunteering will help you gain valuable experience to include on your CV/resume and it will look great to employers. Another positive thing about volunteering is meeting new people and expanding your network. Spend time each week volunteering at a non-profit organisation or any social cause that you wish to contribute to.

Another option is working as an intern for an organisation. You gain experience while learning new skills. For all you know, you can potentially get offered a full-time, paid position for the company.

If you are in between jobs because you are having a hard time finding new work, you may consider starting Freelancing or starting your own company. It is not necessarily easy to start your own business, but a potential employer will look favourably on the idea that you had the drive and determination to do it. And even better – if you do great and your company succeeds, you will not need to worry about finding a new job!

Many employers appreciate employees with life experience and knowledge of different cultures or countries. If you find yourself without a job, and have the funds to do so, take time to travel to another country. It will give you the chance to improve your foreign language skills, which will make you more of an asset to potential employers.

Go back to school-
Consider going back to school to pursue a new degree or certificate. Or at the very least, take some courses related to your industry or skills. Well-learned candidates are typically more appealing to employers.

Hire yourself for contract work
If it is not feasible to go back to school and you still need an inflow of money, consider doing contract work as a consultant for individuals or companies in need of temporary help. You can use your expertise to make money, gain work experience, create valuable contacts and keep your CV from having an employment gap.

The good news is –you don’t need to figure it all by yourself.. When you are ready to write or update your CV/resume, your Career Coach can assist you with showing how you made the most of the employment gap. Consider getting help from a Coach who’s trained in getting it right for you!

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