Be Authentic for a Powerful Resume!

Be Authentic for a Powerful Resume!

Do You Know Résumé Fudging Is Rampant In India…?

Expect maximum scrutiny for high-visibility roles such as CEOs, Directors & Vice Presidents..

According to a study by AuthBridge, nearly one in six candidates lied on their CV while applying for a new job. A background screening firm said- CV misrepresentations increased 48% in 2016-17 from the previous year. This is compelling employers — especially those dealing with international clients — to develop new ways of verifying a potential hire’s employment and education.

Now, I am not going to go in the morality of inflating or exaggerating the facts or even forging the facts as it is expected that you know what is right and best for you in the long run! However, let me share a few potential consequences that one may land up in and then the choice is yours if the risk is worth taking-

  1. If caught, you ruin your professional credibility and may get fired.
  2. If the company chooses to take action, it will make sure that you never work with a professional organization again.
  3. You may have to face criminal charges and  a consequential lawsuit

Now, I wish to ask you a question that have you studied yourself or your previous experiences enough..?

Because if you have, and if you are someone who has worked hard in your Career adding value to your organization, I promise that there is no need for you to fudge your RESUME!

In my experience of working with hundreds of CXOs and Senior Professionals, I have come to realize that they are competent people like other professionals-some roles they have excelled where as some roles they have not, just like all other professionals. With all due respect to them and their skills/expertise, based on my experience of closely working with them, developing their Resumes, I classify them as follows-

  1. Modesty Personified Professionals-

Modesty Personified CXOs are the professionals who are modest- and feel that all that they have done professionally is something that was expected from them and they usually short change themselves. Hence, when they work on their Resume, they struggle to mention a success/achievement as they don’t want to acknowledge out of sheer modesty.

  1. Self-Critiquing Professionals-

This cataegory of Professionals are those who do not need others to criticize them. They are always on the Self-Critiquing spree so much so that when they have to work on their Resume powerful- they truly can’t think of anything positive to write about themselves.

  1. Dementia struck Professionals-

These Professionals are those who are struck by memory loss, simply since they have more than 2-3 decades of experience but now they can’t seem to remember the details. Now, you may wonder that it is only normal to forget about the details and the data from their previous jobs/roles/assignments/ projects etc. Let me explain this a bit- nobody expects them to remember the details, however it is advisable to make a note of all such important projects, contributions and accomplishments and maintain a log somewhere, if not in a Resume.

Imagine, you look back at your professional career spanning 2-3 decades, and not being able to share the details- just because you do not remember them!

  1. Blowing Trumpet Professionals

Well, as the name suggests, this kind of Senior Professionals are those people who blow their trumpet- in a nice way! Now, this is the kind of people who have the audacity and confidence to write what they have done in their professional life. Now, please do not mistake this to be professionals who are demonstrating their accomplishments inauthentically. Blowing their trumpet doesn’t mean that!

In my humble opinion and experience, these are the ideal most candidates who have the specific stories of their successes to share and the needed enthusiasm and vigour to narrate their contributions.

I am sure you will relate with the above points!

Hence today, I want to leave you with this thought that when it comes to working on your Resume to make it a powerful resume- a crucial document which is supposed to embody all the great work that you have done in your entire Career..What would you want to be? I say this-

IF YOU DON’T BLOW YOUR TRUMPET- THEN WHO WILL? 🙂 And Be Authentic while you blow your Trumpet and create a Powerful Resume!

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