Top 5 Mistakes on Resume- it's over for you!

Top 5 Mistakes on Resume- it’s over for you!

I have personally reviewed thousands of Resumes and have been working with professionals, coaching them and helping them build their Resumes – in order to begin their job search effectively.

So what are the mistakes that are most fatal and most common that leads a Resume into the Trash Box failing to get you the foot in the door.

How unfair is it… Your game is over, even before it began! Isn’t it?

What are the reasons for you to be not even considered for a position, even before you could be invited for an interview? What are the reasons- that your Resume has gone into Trash and you don’t even get an opportunity to present your elevator pitch?

Here’s what I have to say about the five biggest mistakes I have seen a lot of people making. Please ensure that you don’t make these blunders/resume mistakes. Come on that is the least you can do in this massively competitive market-

  1. Typos’-

This is one Mistake which is the most difficult to make at all. Why?

Well, despite Technology if you can’t present your own experience on a document that is free of any error, spelling mistake, grammatical mistake, then you have really not put in the minimum effort that one could invest in this most important document- your Resume!

Tip to Avoid this Mistake-

Do you have a sibling, a friend or a colleague who has a command over language?

Most of the times, when we write anything, we are not able to spot errors in the same, where as having someone else read your own Resume helps. Other people can more easily spot errors because they haven’t created this piece of content in the first place, and neither have they been reviewing this document. In case, you are not able to find someone to review your Resume, consider using free online editing resources.

  1. ‘Length’-

How much is good enough? Well, when it comes to Resume- Brevity is the key! However, it is important to highlight the relevant details and fit in the Resume in 2-3 Pages, depending on the role, experience and content. A crisp, focused resume demonstrates an ability to comprehend, synthesize, prioritize, and convey the most important information about you, with reference to the position in question. In case you are applying for a position internationally, it is a good idea to survey the acceptable norms for that specific location/country.

Tip to Avoid this Mistake-

Remember, a Resume is not an Autobiography. Why? Coz it is not!

Treat your Resume as your Sales Brochure. Let me ask you- when do you want to see a Brochure? – When you are considering a Product/Service… Right? So remember, you pick a Sales Brochure of a Mixer- if you need one. And if you do- then you only want to read about the Features of a Mixer and not a Juicer. Makes sense?

The point is to only focus on the relevant skills, experience and highlights that are needed for the position being applied for. So if you can choose just the right information, you would never have to struggle with the length of your Resume.

  1. ‘Creativity’

Please remember this is not an Arts Competition so use the creativity with the content and not just the template. While a good Template helps you set the foundation, one ought to focus on the substance than the style. Now, of course the document has to look legible, tidy, well-spaced and formatted, I’d always prefer a simple, traditional, and a professional looking Resume. Too creative may put someone off and hence standing out in the format doesn’t solve the purpose. The only exception may be if you are applying for a Designer’s job and trying to showcase your talent through your Resume.

Tip to Avoid this Mistake-

Keep it simple! Invest your time in articulating the value through the pointers demonstrating your Skills and the difference you made to your old organizations/clients/teams. Consider downloading a professional looking template online and always double check the formatting by emailing it to yourself before sending it forward to an Executive Search Specialist or an HR Person. It is a good idea to send the Resume as a PDF rather than a .doc file as it alleviates any formatting problems in different programs.

  1. ‘How more than what?’

I always tell people- Don’t focus on what! The experts in the industry know the What-more or less! What they don’t know is how did you do what you did? The Job Description tells you the what. You only got 20-30 seconds to showcase- how would you do it? Or how have you done it in the past?

Tip to Avoid this Mistake-

Study the Job Description before applying for any job! For all that you write on your resume, critique it as if you are reviewing someone else’s resume and decide if you would retain all those details? Are they all relevant and required to go in this most critical document that may decide the direction of your career? Use each and every space on your Resume judiciously and in case of doubt- remove it and don’t put it on your Resume.

  1. ‘Compromising Integrity’

I notice people exaggerating about their academics, marks in school. Please don’t! You can do better coz you deserve better!

Focus on your strengths and what you have done right than what you have not! If there is something I am not very happy sharing about- I will not make it so obvious on my Resume. With that said, if I am categorically asked-I would answer truthfully!

A Resume is not about being a perfect human being or a professional. It is about putting your best foot forward for the job that you know you deserve and given a chance can prove so. The lies about how long you were at the given roles in the given companies, teams and results, always shows- shows it in your confidence and even if such short cuts help in the short term, in the long run Integrity always pays. People actually know you the way you are so don’t compromise your Integrity and your Respect!

Tip to Avoid this Mistake-

Well, we all know- Honesty is always the best policy. If you feel like there’s part of your background that’s not quite up to mark, be creative! Convince yourself even before you make an attempt to convince the world with your Resume. If you are confident, let it speak through your Resume.

These mistakes can sink your chances. The good news is –you don’t need to figure it all by yourself.. Hire an expert who can coach you and help you develop the right Branding through your Resume and LinkedIn! Why not consider getting help from a Coach who’s trained in getting it right for you!

Don’t let anyone say it’s over for you.. Instead, invest in developing an effective and a professional Resume and you are already ahead of your game!

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