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The Top 5 Growth hacks for your career

Sean Ellis is a name not alien to many. An entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor, he has gained popularity after coining the term ‘Growth Hacking’. In simple words, a growth hack is a step-by-step method of creating growth and increasing sales for a company. After learning about Growth Hacking, I realized that the concepts are highly relevant to our careers as well. Here are five Growth Hacks for your career:

Identification of the Target Market

The first thing that most growth hackers do is identify the target market. Let’s say that a company is manufacturing shirts and have employed growth hackers to increase sales. They will first ask themselves which demographic profile is more likely to be interested in the shirts manufactured by the company. Or, which target market will be the most profitable.

Now, over the years of coaching professionals, I have observed that most of us miss the most important step in identifying the target market. Here is what I suggest:

Try to draw a list of companies that can offer you good opportunities for growth. Also, make a list of the types of jobs that can help you develop a strong professional profile. These two aspects can help you get started on your journey to career growth hacks.

Upgrade and Up-skill

With the first step done, it’s time to fine-tune the product to match the target market. Going with the first example, the growth hackers might suggest a change in packing or color specifications of the shirts as per the identified target market.

Similarly, after identifying the companies and job types that you want to target, you need to look at what the employers look for in prospective employees. Then, make yourself the ideal candidate. To do this successfully, you need to spend some time analyzing your existing skills and make a list of those than you can realistically acquire.

Get noticed

If a product is not noticed, it probably would not sell. Simple. Growth hackers ensure that the product is out there at all relevant places where the target customers are likely to be present.

Similarly, you need to start making your presence felt on online platforms. LinkedIn, for example, can be a good place to start. Network with the right kind of people and start sharing views and opinions. Let people know that you exist! Update your profile with the latest details and skills that you have acquired.

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Highlight the USPs

So, the target market is identified, upgrades are done and the product has started getting noticed. Now comes the time to highlight the unique selling proposition (USP) of the product.

Coming back to your career, do some introspection and assess the unique skills that make you stand out from your competitors. Let’s say that you are applying for a particular job and so are many others. Why should the organization hire you? Highlight these aspects in all your social profiles and create a ‘personal brand’.

Complete the sale

After all these efforts, when the customer lands on the shop page, growth hackers ensure that he buys the product. They try to create a perfect shopping experience based on their understanding of the buyer and complete the sale.

When you get called for an interview, it is akin to the buyer landing on the shop page. Now is the time to use all the information about the employer and make a good impact. Remember, bad interviews are merely interviews for which you have not prepared in advance. Prepare well and give your career a well-deserved boost!

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At Change Ur Story, we have been helping professionals to growth hack their careers. We urge all professionals to follow these steps and discover what they truly deserve and desire in their career. We offer a wide array of services to help cross hurdles that they might encounter along the way. Drop us a line and let’s create a plan to apply these growth hacks for your career, today!

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