hampered career growth

CAUTION! These mistakes can hamper your Career Growth!

What happened to the employee who always came late to work? Did he get the next promotion or an increase in responsibilities? Usually, the answer to this question is negative. Professionals who are not punctual or don’t meet deadlines regularly are usually stuck in a dead-end job with no growth in designation or role. While this is an obvious error, there are some less-obvious things that many professionals do which hampers their career growth in the organization. Today, I am going to talk about these mistakes.

#1 – Gossiping

This is certainly the biggest mistake most employees commit. Also, the best/worst part is that if you were to ask them, they would say that they NEVER gossip. Gossiping has been termed as a favorite pastime of those who have a lot of time on hand. Hence, most employees would deny being involved in the infamous ‘office gossip’.

But, here’s the thing, complaining to your colleagues about your boss or the organization’s policies or the location of the office, etc. is not one of the most prudent career moves. While it is okay to grumble a bit sometimes, it cannot become a regular habit. In fact, don’t be present in the place where other employees are gossiping either!

Why? Because people will start considering you untrustworthy and you will contribute to a toxic working environment! The senior management observes these behavior patterns and it can backfire on your career growth plans.

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# 2 – Working in your Comfort Zone

I have seen many employees commit this mistake. Once they get used to their routine at work, they love to keep following that routine. After all, it ensures that they commit lesser mistakes and hence perform better, right? Wrong!

You are not a machine who is installed by the organization for a specific role – unless that is what you want to be! If you aspire career growth, then you need to ask for projects proactively which are away from your comfort zone.

Why? Because working in your comfort zone puts you in a cul-de-sac position in your job. Asking for different assignments ensures that your boss perceives you as someone who is willing to take up challenges and is proactive – good for growth!

# 3 – Not Going Home on Time

Another BIGGGGG mistakes committed by many employees. While this trend seems to be changing now, there is still at least one employee in every department who invariably ends up sitting late every day and showing up on time the next day too! Note that I used the term ‘sitting late’ and not ‘working late’ because that’s how managers are going to perceive it in the long run. Also, if you are guilty of not finishing your work in the allotted time, then why should you spoil the culture of the workplace for the other employees who are smart enough to complete their assignments during office hours!

In Mr. Narayan Murthy’s words: ‘People who regularly sit late in the office, don’t know how to manage their time – Simple!

# 4 – Not Seeking Feedback

How many times have you gone up to your manager and asked him/her for feedback about your work? Usually, we tend to wait until the manager decides to offer feedback (positive or negative) or until the annual appraisals where the manager mandatorily provides feedback. You must keep open communication with your manager and make it known that you welcome any feedback about your performance.

Why? Because this will tell your manager that you are dedicated to performing well and are open to criticism. You don’t let your pride get in the way of your improvement and he will respect you for it.

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Summing Up

Crafting a successful career requires a multi-pronged approach. While your performance, undoubtedly, needs to be par-excellence, your overall behavior and persona are equally important. You must avoid the mistakes mentioned above to ensure that you face fewer bumps along the road towards your success.

At Change UR Story, we understand that when you are focused on your performance, you tend to miss out on the points mentioned above. Through our Career Coaching Programs, we help you understand such mistakes that you might be committing and create a plan to get rid of them. We also help you create a strategy to approach your career and achieve success. Do drop us a line and let’s start weeding out such small but significant mistakes from your professional life.

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