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4 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job

As professionals, we prepare ourselves for various ups-n-downs in our careers. A delayed promotion, not enough increments, redundant job roles, the list is virtually endless. However, if there is one thing, that none of us can prepare ourselves for, it is being laid-off our jobs. It would probably be easier to accept the loss of a job if we are at fault somewhere, but downsizing or cost-cutting by the company is certainly not our problem, right? But let’s face it, in recent years more companies have adopted the letting-go-of-employees route in order to curb costs and remain in profits.

Regardless of the reasons, losing a job can be a tough period for most professionals. The ‘Why Me?’ thoughts are bound to cloud the mind and put you through some serious self-pity phase. If you have lost your job, then here are four things that you MUST do without any further delay if you want to win :

# 1 – Get a grip on your emotions

You will probably be an emotional mess after being laid-off. There can be panic – since you won’t have a regular income unless you find another job, anger – for having spent countless hours in your previous job and even anxiety due to a sudden lack of routine in life. The list can literally go on.

Turning a couch potato and allowing yourself to sulk because of what has happened will only drag you deeper into the rut.

At the risk of sounding preachy, you need to get a grip on your emotions and start looking at what you want to do rather than what has already happened.

# 2 – So, what do you do for a living?

Another element of losing your job is that many people tend to lose their self-confidence too. Imagine going to a party, meeting a stranger and being asked, “So, what do you do for a living?” Dreadful, isn’t it? I mean how do you tell people that you are currently unemployed? What would they think of you? You wouldn’t want the party to turn into a pity-party, would you?

Shun all such inhibitions. There is no shame in being unemployed, especially if you are not at fault. Don’t hide it. Be upfront and tell people that your company downsized and then move the conversation towards what you are planning on doing next. Keep your conversations optimistic and you would be surprised by the amount of support you will garner from people, including strangers if want to win.

# 3 – Develop yourself

When life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade! And, when you get laid-off from your job, make yourself a better professional by focusing on self-development and want to win. If you have been contemplating a change in your career path, then maybe this is life’s way of nudging you towards it. Sit down with a calm mind and assess your career journey. Look for areas where you can improve and become a better professional. You might have to invest some money to join a course or a workshop and would be skeptical since you don’t have a regular income anymore. Trust me, if you can afford it, this would be a wise amount spent.

# 4 – Still lacking clarity – talk to a Career Coach

Remember, time is of the essence when you are rendered unemployed. Desperate job application or approaching the market with ‘I will take up any job that I find’ approach will not get you anywhere. If you feel that you are unable to get over the shock of losing your job, then you might want to talk to a professional who can help you chart out a roadmap to get back into the corporate world.

At Change Ur Story, we understand that losing a job can be a tough phase in any professional’s life. Our team of experts can stand alongside you in your journey of re-self-discovery and help you get back on track as soon as possible. So, if you have lost your job and are finding yourself sinking in the tub of butterscotch ice-cream to make yourself feel better, then drop us a line and let’s keep the ice-cream for a celebration after you get back on a job and want to win in life.

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