Taste professional success like Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

Taste professional success like Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

In a thrilling final of IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) defeated Sun Risers Hyderabad (SRH) by eight wickets, chasing the 179 run target in merely 18.3 overs. CSK, which has the best win percentage (61.56) and the most number of appearances in the IPL finals recorded its third IPL win this year. There are many lessons that we can learn from the way team-CSK modeled their success. In this article, we will look at some such aspects that can help us in our professional lives.

Before we get into the details, let me ask you a question:

If CSK was a person, then what one personality attribute would it affix to him/her?

Confident? | Persistent? | Hard-working? | Talented? | Skilled? | Improviser? | Well-prepared?

Well. I would say all of these attributes and more. We all work hard, try to stay confident, work on our skills and give it our best to be successful in our careers. But, there is something that CSK is doing right that is making it stand at the pinnacle of professional success in the most competitive game in our country. Let’s try to break it down into bite-sized pieces to understand them better.

Keeping up with the changing times

IPL was established in 2008. It was a new format of the gentleman’s game and needed improvisation and skill in a fine blend. All the players knew the game well, the question was who improvised better by understanding and using this new format optimally.

In the corporate world, we are at a juncture where new technologies and ways to do business are evolving with every passing day. The skills that were relevant two years ago might not be so relevant today. Taking a leaf from CSK’s book, the first step towards professional success is understanding the changing professional landscape and improvising or learning newer skills.

Homework is critical

No, I am not taking you back to school. In many interviews, MS Dhoni, the captain of CSK highlighted the importance of studying the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. He would then create a strategy to counter the strengths and capitalize on the weaknesses.

Not very different from the corporate world. Be it your colleagues or your search for a new job, homework is essential. It helps you gain better insight and create a plan to make the best out of every opportunity.

Never giving up

In cricket, we have all witnessed the last-over, nail-biting, seemingly impossible target being achieved by batsmen. I often wonder if they have nerves of steel! They key is having a ‘never give up’ approach.

I have come across many professionals who drag themselves to their offices every day. They have given up all hope of finding that ‘dream job’ or a ‘dream career’. To all those people, I would urge them to watch a little more cricket – if not anything you will understand how persistence can breed success.

Bounce back from failures

CSK was banned from participating in IPL for two years (2016 and 2017) under the prevailing franchise management and ownership due to the owners’ involvement in match betting. After the two-year ban, they returned to IPL this year and won it!

How many times have we faced failures and have come back stronger and better in our professional lives? Obstacles and hindrances are a part of life and they cannot always be avoided. But, what we can do is rise up to the challenge and come back as a better version of ourselves.

Summing up

Professional success comes to those who truly desire it and are willing to walk the additional mile to achieve it. At Change Ur Story, you have your own version of Stephen Fleming (CSK-coach) working with you. We believe that each one of you has the potential to be a winner in your professional life. All you need is a better approach and a little guidance to help you along the way. Drop us a line and let’s start the net-practice today!

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