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CAUTION! These mistakes can hamper your Career Growth!

What happened to the employee who always came late to work? Did he get the next promotion or an increase in responsibilities? Usually, the answer to this question is negative. Professionals who are not punctual or don’t meet deadlines regularly are usually stuck in a dead-end job with no growth in designation or role. While…

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A Wake-up Call for all Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Freelancers

Once upon a time … long long ago … there was an entrepreneur, whose primary concern was to come up with path-breaking business ideas and products/services that could solve a persistent problem faced by people. In those days, the world was a different place – it was a world without the Internet. Marketing was offline…

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5 Tips to handle office politics efficiently

Office Politics or workplace politics are a part and parcel of everyday life in the corporate world. I have come across many people in my professional life who loathe office politics and a few who have found themselves in a position of changing jobs because they could not handle office politics. Well, like every coin…

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How to Stand Out from the Crowd as an Entrepreneur


You ditch your 9-5 job, spend sleepless nights thinking about your business plan, work tirelessly to turn your dream into reality, launch your business, and cross your fingers waiting for customers to come pouring in. Well if they do, then you don’t need this article. But if they don’t, then all your efforts eventually lead…

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How to fight Career Paralysis to make a powerful Career Change

Career Change

Over the years, I have come across many professionals who claim to outright ‘DISLIKE’ their jobs. However, they still continue doing the jobs that they dislike and live only for the weekends and holidays. If they disliked their jobs enough, then making a career change decision would be easier. However, life is not black or…

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3 Powerful Tips to fight the miserable feeling at work!

Most of you would have heard the term – Monday Morning Blues. Many people use it to refer to the miserable feeling they experience on most Monday mornings. Do you suffer from the occasional Monday Morning Blues too? Or, do you feel miserable at work and heave a sigh of relief at the end of…

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Your career is a Marathon; not a 100m Sprint!

Your career is a Marathon

Marathon is a small town in Greece. In 490 BC, the Battle of Marathon took place between the Athenian army and Persians. The Athenians were heavily outnumbered but they defeated the Persians nevertheless. A Greek soldier was sent running from Marathon to Athens – distance of about 40km to inform them about the victory who…

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Winter is coming! Do you know how to fight the White Walker?

P.S- Tips to fight the Performance Appraisal chills.. Sounds familiar? An entire year’s work and all you get is 30 seconds!? The months of January to March are typically filled with performance appraisals or evaluations. It is a battle of sorts. While every employee tries to highlight his/ her achievements and/ or contributions to the…

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Have you found the love for your Career?

love ur career

Recently, I was watching an old classic- P.S. I love you! written & directed by- Richard LaGravenese. Now, this is a movie I have watched several times in the past, but every time I watch it, I feel equally touched & overwhelmed. It is a movie about Love and how the Protagonist tries to move…

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