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CAUTION! These mistakes can hamper your Career Growth!

What happened to the employee who always came late to work? Did he get the next promotion or an increase in responsibilities? Usually, the answer to this question is negative. Professionals who are not punctual or don’t meet deadlines regularly are usually stuck in a dead-end job with no growth in designation or role. While…

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Top reasons to see if I need a Career Coach

Career Coaching

In the age of D-I-Y (Do It Yourself), many people question the need for a coach in their lives. After all, machine learning and artificial intelligence have empowered most of us to take charge of our lives and steer it in the direction that we want. I have found many athletes train themselves using advanced…

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What do I want from my Professional Life?

What do I want from my Professional Life? What does my Career mean? How important is it to me? Is it merely the right mix or a sum total of my education, skills, learnings, job role, team, workplace, compensation, years of work experience and organization? Well, technically, YES! But not really, isn’t it? So, what…

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3 things most people don’t know about Working Dads

While being a working mom has its set of challenges, being a working dad is not a cake walk either. At the end of the day, a child requires the time, attention and love of both the mother and the father. Needless to say, but creating a balance in life is equally important to both…

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Do you have a Practice Career?

For sure, you have…If you are someone who is saying any of the following statements consistently- “I don’t feel like going to work today” “I wish I had more vacations than the number of days I go to work” “My job sucks!” “I don’t want to be working here anymore” “I am too good for…

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