Have You Prepared Your Powerful ‘Oscar Speech’?

Have You Prepared Your Powerful ‘Oscar Speech’?

We all know about the Oscar Awards given every year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to honor achievements in the film industry. It’s the pinnacle of recognition for every actor and writes their name in the coveted list of artists who have made a difference by their artistic prowess. The acceptance speech given by these awardees is full of emotion, joy and gratitude further establishing them as humble and talented artists. However, many of us are not aware that these speeches have a time limit of 45 seconds post which, a play-off music is played. Yes, you read that right – 45 seconds. Years of hard work, failures, sacrifices, being scrutinized and all they get is a mere 45 seconds!

On winning the Oscar in 2009 for the best Actress in a leading role, Kate Winslet said that she would practice her Oscar speech as an 8-year old in the bathroom using the shampoo bottle as a trophy. Passion, dedication and determination eventually got her to where she wanted to be. On another occasion, Matthew McConaughey, in his Oscar speech highlighted the need of three elements in a successful person’s life – something to look up to, something to look forward to and something to chase. He emphasized that these three elements can help anybody achieve their dreams and live a fuller life.


As working professionals, we usually tend to overlook the need of having an Oscar speech ready. You may ask why; “I am not associated with the film industry to look forward to an Oscar!” So I ask you today-

  • What is your Oscar?
  • Do you know what will really count, which when you get would mean as much as an Oscar?
  • What are you going to say or do when you get that or get there?

Now, you may not be in the film industry, but you do need an Oscar acceptance speech! Don’t get me wrong, an Oscar speech is not merely about thanking everyone who has supported you in your life. It is the motivation, desire, goal and something that doesn’t let you sleep when it’s time to work – it is a dream!

In our respective careers, we all desire fame, recognition and growth. We work hard but maybe, somewhere we fail to prepare ourselves for success. We are so much in awe of our success that we even end up fearing it and going further away. We fail to visualize and live the moment when we would achieve all that we want in our career – we fail to practice our Oscar speech in the bathroom. And hence I ask you again-

Do we truly desire the success that we envisage?

Are we working in a focused manner to getting there?

Or have we moved away from the path?

Have you practiced your powerful Oscar speech?

Food for thought, isn’t it? One thing that I understood after listening to Oscar speeches is that their approach is concentrated to the area where they desire success. And, it all begins with understanding themselves well.

Be it an elevator pitch, an introduction at a networking event, an interview or an appraisal meeting, we often find ourselves facing the metaphorical 45-second clock. “Tell me something about yourself”, is nothing short of an Oscar speech minus the endless acknowledgements. It is not merely about what we say but also about how well we articulate ourselves. It is about standing at the center-stage and giving your Oscar speech with integrity, confidence, pride, humility and respect for yourself- such that people listening, want to know you more!

The Oscar speech in a regular professional life is a healthy monologue- a mix of humility and achievements communicated in a manner that highlights our strengths while acknowledging our weaknesses.

So, do you know yourself enough to prepare, practice and deliver a powerful Oscar Speech?

At Change Ur Story, we realize that many professionals, while being good at their work are not even close to being ‘Oscar-ready’. They are unaware of their strengths and weaknesses or are unable to articulate their professional lives in an impactful manner. Our Discovery Sessions, Resume Writing Services and Interview Coaching are targeted towards enabling you to deliver an effective ‘speech’. Drop us a line and let’s get you ‘Oscar-ready’

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