3 things most people don’t know about Working Dads

3 things most people don’t know about Working Dads

While being a working mom has its set of challenges, being a working dad is not a cake walk either. At the end of the day, a child requires the time, attention and love of both the mother and the father. Needless to say, but creating a balance in life is equally important to both men and women, as we all have our unique set of priorities which need to be managed within the limited time on hand.

Recently, I met an ex-colleague who had become a father a few years ago. He was living in Delhi with his wife, who is a senior IT professional and his five-year-old son. During our conversation, he mentioned, “My friends applaud me if I cook food for my wife or wash clothes at home. They behave as if I am doing a great deed. I believe that the responsibility of household chores is equally mine, why should I not share the load of work at home?” This got me thinking, are we giving enough thought to the challenges faced by working dads?

Here are three things that most people don’t know about working dads:

  1. Dads, today, are spending more time with their children as compared to dads from the earlier generations. According to a report, fathers are spending thrice more time with their children as compared to dads in 1977. 90% dads spend time playing with the kids, 70% change diapers and 60% put kids to sleep and attend doctor appointments. This is a radical shift from the sole bread-winning role assumed by dads in the past. Also, they are achieving this with almost similar work hours.
  2. Working dads are helping out with household chores more than ever before. On an average, dads spend around 10 hours every week on household chores. 90% take out the garbage, 70% do some repair around the house, 60% shop for groceries and 50% cook.
  3. Workplaces have not yet completely adapted to the changing Dad of the 21st century. As unfortunate as it may sound, but reports suggest that men seeking flexible work timings to be able to spend more time with their children, fear being seen as unmanly and not-committed-enough to their jobs.

Despite the obstacles, men are trying their best to be better dads and professionals as compared to their previous generations. After coaching hundreds of professionals, I have come to realize that like women, men need to create a list of priorities too. While the work-timing are the same as 3-4 decades ago, increasing willingness to be more involved with the family can take a toll on the time. Hence, creating a list of priorities can help you manage time better and delegate tasks that don’t need your personal time and attention.

At Change Ur Story, we understand that being a working dad is not about managing time between your work and family. With our Discovery sessions, we help you identify aspects that need balance in your life and help you set the priorities in place. Drop us a line and let’s start working towards making you a happier and more satisfied Working Dad.

This Father’s day, give yourself a gift and enrol with us for a Discovery session. Together, we can ensure that your journey as a professional and a father is truly an enjoyable one.

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