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Are you planning to make a professional resume for yourself? Let’s answer your Questions..

The right resume is the most powerful key to open the doors of opportunities – the first, the most important step towards your endeavour to get the desired job and to write your future-your story. Unfortunately the power of a resume is often underestimated and this is the
biggest mistake one does. Your resume reflects your personal brand image and compromising on the quality of this most important document makes you eventually loose on the opportunities. In simple words, the sole objective of a resume is to win an interview call,
by standing out and getting through the various evaluations filters prospective employers use to shortlist from the myriad of resumes and we at ‘Change Ur Story’ with a brilliant team of talented,experienced and proven Resume Coaches help you develop a resume which does exactly that!

However, in the meanwhile let’s answer the top Quora Questions to help you create your Resume that is effective, professional & powerful!

1. If reading books is your hobby, how can you mention ‘achievements related to hobbies’ on resume? Should you?

Yes, why not? I believe that a well-read person is always someone who is an avid learner, and always stands out with not just his knowledge but is constantly working on making himself/herself better!

Now that is a great virtue. Don’t you think? If you think you have an accomplishment worth mentioning, you must! You may include it right under your Profile scan on the 1st page itself. For instance- ‘Proud believer of constant learning and have successfully read 2000 books in a span of 4 years!’ To me this surely sounds like an achievement! Doesn’t it? For some tips on building your Resume check this article- 10 commandments for an impactful résumé | Change Ur Story

2. Is a resume writing service worth it?

Absolutely it is a service that adds a lot of value, if done correctly!

We also work on Resumes for people and the focus is not the Resume but the individual and the objective for building a Resume in the 1st place. We study the individual’s journey, strengths, and accomplishments and then marry the same to the targeted career opportunity/position. The point of this service is not to churn resumes for hundreds of people but to do it exclusively and exhaustively to really do justice to the one unique individual and his/her unique career graph. We thrive on Customer Satisfaction & Success!

For some tips on building your Resume check this article- 10 commandments for an impactful résumé | Change Ur Story

3. How do I write a resume for a cabin crew as a fresher? I have no experience. This is my first job if I make it.

Well, given that you have no professional experience you must focus on the following points-

  • Skills
  • Achievements from the college showcasing your Potential
  • Key Highlights from your Summer Training/Projects and the contributions you made

It goes without saying that you will ensure the formatting, legibility of your resume and make it look professional.

4. What is the best way to write The Objective section in your Resume?

While, objectives have become obsolete and hence is not advisable, however, you may pick your best Skill / Strength or your best Accomplishment that you are known for- to write as your headline. More simplistically speaking, you may write the Role you are targeting which can’t be/shouldn’t be very different from your current role.

5. What does a good resume look like for a school teacher for class 2-3 if I have only a few months of teaching experience?

A good resume is the one which highlights your relevant experience for the position you have applied. In case you have experience for just a few months- focus on your skills justifying why do you claim to be good with those skills i.e. do share a line or two about that particular core skill- substantiating your exposure in them. You will have to play more on Potential and do share a few accomplishments- possibly in whatever experience you have had.

6. What skills should come in a resume about networking?

While Networking is a great skill to have and is much desirable to succeed in today’s world, however for your resume your skills need to derive from the position you are applying for. You may want to begin by studying the Job Description for the role and answering questions like-

  • What are your core skills that you have proved yourself in, thus far?
  • What are your best strengths?
  • What is that you love doing?

Do remember that all the answers should stay relevant to the position in question for which you will send your resume! That my friend is the key!

7. What should I put in the ‘career highlights’ section of my resume?

Career Highlights should include the High Points of your career i.e your accomplishments that you are proud of. The objective of the Highlights should be to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the job in question and should be relevant to the Job Description.

8. What is the silliest mistake you’ve seen on a resume?

Some of the silly mistakes on Professional Resume include- Spelling mistakes, Formatting Errors, Long Gaps/Breaks in Timelines without explanation, adding irrelevant details like-Marital Status/Hobbies etc.

9. What would your CV look like if failures are to be mentioned instead of achievements?

Foolish! Why would you talk about your failures in the Resume! I’d rather suggest you to mention your learning, passion, interests, skills, potential in case you don’t want to talk about or have any accomplishments.

10. In case you want to highlight something in a line mentioned in your CV, what should you highlight, the role/skill or the company? Why?

Wel it depends on the role however typically it’s a good idea to highlight the high points of a role or your accomplishments/ results you have created rather than the skill- because then you substantiate that you have acquired a skill and even implemented it in creating results.

11. What is the best way to have a memorable resume?

A memorable resume- very difficult coz why would anyone memorize a Resume… I am assuming you mean best way to make your Resume effective…BTW People sometimes even remember bad resumes! I would say a great and an effective resume always has these 2 criteria met- 1) The 1st glance draws your attention and you want to actually go through the Resume. 2)The resume looks legible, comprehensible, concise and specific to the position applied for with a clear flow to the whole document.

12. Should I include my entrepreneurial experience in my resume while applying for an internship? (I’m currently a Co-Founder at a start-up)?

Most Certainly! And if the skills that you use for your Internship are something that you have been applying in your entrepreneurial venture- you must mention those along with some results possibly!

13. Which part in a resume does one mention about a developing an app and website?

In my opinion you must mention this as a Skill under Skills/Areas of Expertise. And then, you must mention about specific projects done under Accomplishments with the names/links to the same.

14. What is the difference between resume Headline and Profile Summary?

A Headline- is only a Headline- and can’t exceed more than a line, whereas a Profile Summary may run into a Paragraph or several lines- 8–10 lines generally.

15. I have bad grades. Should I exclude them from my CV?

Yes, most definitely! Focus on your strengths and only share your grades- if/when asked… Also, be ready with the actual reason for your bad grades. Having a right resume is not about being the perfect person. But it is about showcasing your best qualities/strengths and sharing your journey in the most succinct and the best possible way.

16. Should I write CSCP before my name on a resume?

Are you more proud of CSCP or about your name? Well, I know you are too attached to your Certifications but hey- aren’t you the one who has been certified? Get the point… You are just one unique professional while you may have many certifications in your lifetime. Your name must always go first… and then your certifications, skills, accomplishments ….etc. etc. etc…Well, if I was you- I won’t take that chance…

17. Should I add my placement offers in my resume?

Well as far as the offer details are concerned, the answer is NO! (Like the company name/role/positions/ CTC). However, if you are smart, you should able to showcase it under Accomplishments. For instance- ‘Received 3 Offers in a span of 2 weeks in the College Placement Drive’ OR ‘Was offered a position with a leading IT Company in the country.’

18. How should I add onsite working experience in my resume?

Well, onsite work experience is quite relevant, but it also depends on the industry you are in. I presume that onsite work implies the hands on work and gives a lot of exposure and learning to any professional.

To write it in your Resume, it is imperative that you focus on your contributions to your project/team/company and accomplishments, if any. In case you are in the experience level of 2–3 years, you may also want to include your learnings during this time period.

19. What are those things which helps me to build my resume authentic?

The answer is simple… All you need to build your resume authentically is- YOU! You are unique and make sure you with all your integrity put your best foot forward and showcase your unique combination of relevant skills through the Resume! Remember the basis must be the Job you are targeting!

20. How do I write a resume for getting a job interview?

Write a CV that is crisp and targeted for the job you are applying. Make sure you have all the skills needed to do the job right and substantiate what you say by mentioning your accomplishments and contributions to your prior organizations. Each time when you apply for a job- customize your resume based on what is needed for the targeted job. If you can do this well, you should get an interview call.

21. What’s the best way to get your résumé noticed?

The best way to get your Resume noticed is by being fearless in showcasing your best side… Let the Results and your work speak through your Resume and DON’T BE MODEST!

Time is precious so respect those who invest time in going through your Resume. Be target oriented and sell what people are buying for- if you know what I mean!

22. How many pages should a resume be and what should it include?

Well, the number of pages would largely depend on the country you are applying in. For instance in USA- 1 Pager resume is desirable where as in India 2–3 Pages Resume is. However, the shorter the Resume the better it is. What you should include- is again dependent on the Objective for the Resume. Well I’d include everything that I have done professionally that is relevant for the targeted position including my Skills, Contributions, Accomplishments and the details of my Experience.

23. How do I create a CV?

Well, I’d be honest- This is such an important document that you just can’t afford to be wrong. Don’t experiment- Hire a professional to do the same!

24. What is the best and worst resume you have seen ever before?

There are none! Let me explain- no resume is good or bad- It is always effective with reference to a particular job and not effective with reference to a particular job. What defines the quality of the resume is dependent on the context.

Sorry if I oversimplified your question but that is what my experience as a Career Coach has been. If you need any help with your Resume- We are happy to help and offer you a FREE critiquing… 🙂

25. How do I add appreciation in a resume that I got from the CEO of the company?

You must add the appreciation under the Achievements/Contributions of that particular company or experience details. Do not forget to write and include the specific details about-

  • What got you that appreciation?
  • What did you do that made an impact?
  • How did it help your organization and so on…

26. As a fresher, what will I write, a resume or a CV?

As a Fresher or experienced professional- you can call it anything- CV or Resume. It means the same thing. One should write all the details that demonstrate your Potential to Perform! For instance- you must focus on your strengths/ skills and also mention your achievements under those skills- to substantiate those strengths.

You may also want to write the details of your Internships/Projects and focus more on your contributions other than the Project Details.

27. Should I combine my internship and work experience for the same company in my resume?

Yes, what if it is the same company, you still must mention the details separately. For internship, you must write under Project Training/Internship and the work experience must come under experience separately. If I am the HR Person and I get to see a common company name under Internship and Experience, I’d assume that you performed well in your internship and got a PPO (Pre-placement offer). So go ahead and share all the details authentically!

28. Is it compulsory to write Achievements in Resume?

YES! Most certainly! How else would you substantiate that you are a good prospect to be considered for a job? Anyone who is investing 2–3 Mnts. to scan your Resume, for sure wants to see- what have you done in the past job roles? Unless you are a Fresher- and if that is the case- you follow a different strategy. So don’t just write the Accomplishments… Sell them for what ‘they’ are buying! 🙂

29. How am I supposed to write the long list of extracurricular on my college resume when I have none?

Well, if there are none then write none- as simple as that…

My questions to you- What else are you interested in other than Academics. There are many activities other than extra-curricular… How good were you in your studies? Did you do any course related projects? Did you have any additional responsibilities in your class? If you can find anything to write that show cases qualities like- Responsibility, capacity to learn and grasp quickly, discipline, initiative and leadership skills- do mention those points or accomplishments. And if you still think there is nothing, then just stick to your academics and your scores therein.

30. How do I explain projects in my resume?

Well, you must share the highlights of the Projects like-

  • What was the Project all about?
  • What was your role/responsibility in the Project?
  • What did you contribute or accomplish through your work on the Project?

Once, you answer these questions, it will be a decent amount of detailing that is relevant. Just ensure that your answers are concise and effective.

31. How can you justify a gap period of few months in your resume?

Is there a need to? A few month’s break here and there should not be an issue. Sometimes people take a break between switching jobs and sometimes it takes time to search and find the right job. In any case, there is no need to explain it in the Resume.

What you must focus on however is how you would explain the breaks during an interview, if asked. The only tip I have for you is- it’s important to be honest and speak with conviction.

32. Is it true that recruiters reject a resume in six seconds?

Thanks for your question… Sad but true- the Recruiters do reject a resume in anything between 6 to 20 seconds…Well, imagine going through hundreds of Resumes yourself. And if you know what are some of the critical factors (table stake to perform a job) for you to just short-list or eliminate resumes in the 1st stage, you wouldn’t take that long too. Isn’t it? It’s only logical!

Now, if your resume makes it in this elimination round- then the chances are that the Recruiter would sieve through your Resume for longer- to see if it’s worth investing 2–4 minutes and hopefully you would receive a call.

33. Should photos be included in a resume?

Sorry this practice is now obsolete. A good alternative to bet on would be to have an updated LinkedIn Profile for a Recruiter to see, along with your Resume, if needed. It’s not only desirable but a mandatory practice accepted globally today, to have an updated LinkedIn Profile.

34. What should I do additionally to make my resume strong as a BBA student?

You must write an effective resume lest it gets thrown into the trash in less than 30 seconds…However, you can ensure that your content is impressive… After all- First & foremost- know what is the position you are applying for and highlight the skills needed to perform in the given role. Most of the times- I notice people missing on to their achievements. It is the most important detail to focus on. Do mention your achievements

Now, given that you do not have work experience, your focus should be more on skills and stories to substantiate- as to where did you learn that skill from, or how did you put that skill to practice? As far as achievements are concerned, you may want to include the projects that you did or your contributions/ achievements during your internship or extra-curricular activities etc.

You may also read about our Blog on -10 Commandments for an impactful resume here- Article.

35. How do I write food as a hobby in a resume?

Gone are the days when we’d write personal interests & hobbies on a Resume. However, in case you are a Fresher and you choose to write about them, your intention should be to represent yourself as a complete individual and make your skills more sellable for the Profile you are interviewing. Now, you may want to write about the hobbies specifically, for instance, if Food interests you- then what about Food. Is it trying different cuisines? Or is it cooking? And then be authentic with what you write-lest you may face any questions.

36. What makes a strong CV/resume?

A résumé is a compilation of work experience, qualification, accomplishments and credentials typically arranged in a chronological sequence. It is a document that is sent across to prospective employers, to allow them to assess the viability of your application, for the desired position, in their organization.

Résumé: An insight

A résumé should be much more than a subtle narcissistic retelling of your life.

  • It should give your prospective employer an insight into the type of person they are considering to be a part of their team.
  • The professional and personal strengths and respective skills used in each role.
  • The achievements, with honest contributions made and challenges faced.
  • The learnings over the years and your ambitions for the future.

A résumé or curriculum vitae has been the sole document for job applications around the world for decades now. The word curriculum vitae is derived from early 20th century Latin and it means “the course of life”. Not just education and professional journey; LIFE.

Good résumé vs. Bad résumé

Good or bad is always a matter of perspective but there are some elements that are better avoided while writing a résumé and you may want to follow these 10 commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not do typos or grammatical mistakes.
  2. Thou shalt not provide contact information that is incorrect or not updated.
  3. Thou shalt avoid using too many fonts.
  4. Thou shalt not lie.
  5. Thou shalt avoid writing vague statements.
  6. Thou shalt be specific in the details provided.
  7. Thou shalt not make thy CV a mere chronological listing of events.
  8. Thou shalt resist all urges to write essays / slogans in thy CV.
  9. Thou shalt keep the information crisp using action words like ‘Resolved’, ‘Analysed’, etc.
  10. Thou shalt not follow a template approach to writing thy CV.

Sounds like a lot to do, doesn’t it?

Writing a CV is a skill that needs to be developed. Being able to highlight the strengths of your professional profile and the knowledge/ skills that you bring to the table can give you the platform to breeze through the interview and get the coveted job.

37. Do you need an expert to write your CV?

Recently, Jeff Weiner, CEO – LinkedIn, shared an article by Kylan Nigh, talking about the features of the Résumé Assistant Application by LinkedIn and Microsoft. While talking about ways in which professionals can make the best out of it, Kylan stresses on the fact that “having an expert who’s familiar with the intricacies of writing a résumé can be a great way to help you get the creativity flowing.

An expert in résumé writing understands the importance of your CV and has the skills to help you ask the right questions to yourself before writing the résumé. If you know yourself well, then writing your CV can be easier but channelizing the information optimally while marrying it to your core objectives, is essential too.

38. How do I add achievement in resume as fresher?

It is absolutely imperative to write your achievements in your Resume, even if you are a Fresher. You must think through your entire schooling and college years thus far and dig out your achievements, which may include the following-

  • Excellent performance in Academics- Grade X/XII Marks etc.
  • Outstanding performances in Extra-curricular activities in school/college.
  • Initiatives taken to lead teams in events- inter/intra- school or college competitions.
  • Any acknowledgments/special mention from the Teachers for being extra-ordinary in any sphere.
  • Any additional responsibility managed during college that demonstrates skills like- Initiative/ Leadership/ Team Building etc.
  • Projects/Internships completed during college and the results created or contributions made during the same.

39. Should I mention a job that lasted only for 2 days on my CV?

I am wondering why would you join a job for just 2 days and if you do something would have terribly gone wrong for you to quit in just about 2 days. Well, my experience says either ways it is not relevant for you to mention a job like that in the resume, and you might as well skip it. Also, it really shouldn’t or have any impact in the long run. With that said, you must critically analyse this situation and ensure that you learn from it to avoid any such decisions in the future!

40. What are all some tips to create a video resume for the first time?

Well, I don’t mean to discourage you my dear, but frankly making a video is a skill and should be learned/practiced before you think of shooting a Video Resume. All I am saying is- if not done correctly, it may end up damaging more than you can achieve. Hence, be very sure before you consider submitting a video resume. Now, if you want to get it right you must be-

  • Concise
  • Relevant
  • Authentic
  • Confident

In short, be the best version of yourself!!

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