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As we stand at the cusp of a New Year, most of us will be busy planning for the New Year’s Eve & Holidays in general. I personally love the months of December-January. It is characterized by a lot of festivities, celebrations and generally, people seem to be in a happy mood. Having said that, this is also the month to start planning for the coming year – it’s time for Resolutions. Here’s the thing about resolutions – we all make a bunch of resolutions every year but most of them disappear even before we make it past the first two months! However, that never has and never should deter us from making them every year. After all, looking at the coming year with active optimism is certainly much better than its passive counterpart, right? Today, I am going to share some tips regarding New Year’s Resolutions for a successful career.

Our resolutions fail because they are too generic in nature making it impossible to measure our progress. Here are some SMART resolutions for a successful career in 2019.

I will adopt habits that help me stay healthier at work

In the current times, most of us are concerned about our health. In fact, the top three New Year’s Resolutions are losing weight, exercising more, and quitting the habit of smoking. The common thread? A healthier life. We spend nearly one-third of our lives at work. Therefore, it is important that you do something about living healthier while you are at work. Here are some tips:

  • Pack a healthy and balanced lunch
  • Avoid elevators and take the stairs (if possible)
  • Like clockwork, get up from your chair once every hour or just stretch your limbs, etc.
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Rather than resolving to be healthier this year, resolve to use the time that you spend at work to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Easy to track and therefore better chances of success.

I will attend at least one or ten (you choose) professional events this year

In the age of digitization, most of us have stopped realizing the value of personal connections. Wishing someone happy Birthday on LinkedIn or Facebook is way different than wishing in person. In almost all sectors, various professional networking events are conducted on a regular basis. Even if you call yourself an introvert or if you can barely find time to brush your hair, ensure that you attend a few of these events in 2019.


They will help you make more relevant connections, understand the latest developments in and around your sector, and help you reap the benefits of being present in person.

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I will read at least one relevant blog every week

We live in a world where information is free but people are not. However, today, there is no excuse for unawareness. Reading is an excellent way to keep yourself up to speed with the changes in your area of interest.


You can choose to read about your industry, or career (like my blogsJ), or even generic motivational articles. Commit yourself to reading and become a more successful professional and a well-informed individual.

I will learn at least one new skill this year

Skills are underrated in the world. I am not just referring to technical skills which can help you grow in your career, but also skills like cooking, painting, gardening, etc.


Learning a new skill opens your mind to a newer way of thinking and widens your perspective. If you have been putting off learning a certain skill for long, then it’s time to get it done.

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I will talk to a Career Coach this year

Usually, people talk to a Career Coach when they need assistance with a sticky situation in their professional lives. However, if you make it a regular practice to talk to a Career Coach at least once every year, you will highly reduce your chances of being stuck in your career.


A simple discussion with a Coach about how your career is progressing, things that you would like to achieve in the next year, simple changes that you can bring about in yourself, etc. can actually go a long way in ensuring a great year – professionally.

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At Change Ur Story, we talk to professionals every day about the issues that they face, job or career jumps, and several other concerns to help them carve a better career path for themselves. Through our Career Coaching Programs, we ensure that you are on the right path to achieving professional success.

So, go on and make some New Year’s Resolutions for a successful career and don’t forget to drop us a line!

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