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Alisha Bhargava was heading marketing at a large MNC with a fat compensation package. Her growth up the corporate ladder had been rapid and it had surprised even Alisha. Of late, Alisha began to feel out of place. What was missing? Being pragmatic, she knew that stress, responsibility and stretched working hours were part of the profession she had chosen for herself.

What was it that was making her drag her feet to office, not just on Mondays but each weekday? Why were weekends so attractive now? While she had everything going for her, she was ‘not in it’.

So how did ‘Change Ur Story’ help, Alisha?

We simply helped Alisha discover herself and her career path. Very often the lure of a new job on the premise that it will bring more satisfaction turns out to be a false allure. The sheen wears off once you have job-hopped. Alisha is not only in the same organization but she has found a sense of belonging which was earlier missing. Her performance at work has skyrocketed.

Alisha is actually enjoying her work once again! And we are delighted that our client has benefited from our coaching… We thrive on our client’s success and happiness!

Do you see a bit of Alisha in yourself? Has your professional life hit a plateau?

Allow team Change Ur Story to coach and guide you to your peak professional potential and create another story that changed!

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