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From a very young age, every Sunday morning I would eagerly wait for the Sunday edition of The Times of India to arrive. And guess which page I would open first? You guessed that right, the horoscope section. Now, before you start categorizing me as someone who blindly believes in astrology and horoscopes – STOP. It was fun to read about the good things that could happen to me in the coming week – I was a teenager! As the years went by, somehow, the habit of grabbing the Sunday Times and turning to the Horoscope section didn’t die. It still manages to bring a smile to my lips.  With the New Year upon us, let’s take a quick look at the zodiac-based career prediction for 2019.

Career Prediction for 2019

Here is what Ganesha Speaks has to say about your career in 2019:

This year is going to be the best and most fulfilling year with numerous incentives, promotions, higher pay scales etc.
Taurus_2019_CUSYou can try your hands on new ventures since 2019 is going to be a blessed year for you. Make the best use of everything that is thrown at you and go for it with a clear mindset.
Gemini_2019_CUSIf you’re thinking for a different career or trying to join a different firm in the same field, make sure you are going in the right direction.
Cancer_2019_CUSThis year is going to bring tremendous change for all working people. While working towards your goal, you might get the exact results that you had expected before starting off.
Leo_2019_CUSOverall 2019 will be very progressive and promising for your career and profession. Display all your leadership skills during this period and carve your path to success.
VIRGO_2019_CUSYou work more with your intelligence rather than your physical strength and believe in working smart than working hard.
LIBRA_2019_CUSThis year, every creative idea will take you one step closer to your goal. You will find numerous other sources of income, and also flourish in new ventures.
SCORPIO_2019_CUSThis year, you will experience professional growth, ascension and great heights of success. You will contribute towards major parts of your business and will get recognition for your work.
Sagittarius_2019_CUSRe-focus on your career and utilize your resources wisely to come up in the professional field. Opportunities to start new ventures will also be there during this year.
Capricon_2019_CUSIf you have plans of changing your job or to get a promotion, then this is a favorable year for such matters.
Aquarius_2019_CUSThis year is the best for you to use your money in new things, every new move that you make will prove to be beneficial for you.
Pisces_2019_CUSPeople looking for new jobs might find some good opportunities and the ones already employed might receive good salary increments or bonuses.
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The career prediction for 2019 was fun, wasn’t it? All good and rosy! Only if our career progressed exactly as predicted by the stars!

So, what next?

A successful career requires much more than just a ‘favorable year’. It needs hard work, focus, determination, and above all a career plan. Most of us go through our career with a fire-fighting mindset. No plan – no structure. Hence, even if opportunities seem close, we are unable to capitalize on them.

This New Year, forget all the career predictions for 2019 and make a decision to take the control in your own hands. Sit down and assess your career. Think about where you are as opposed to where you wanted to be or would like to be. Find out what is stopping you from getting there and make a plan to get what you deserve! And, if you are confused, talk to a career coach.

At Change Ur Story, we read horoscopes every day, smile, and get busy in crafting our own destiny. We understand that successful careers need a lot more than just a period of good luck. Drop us a line and let’s talk about how you can be the Bejan Daruwalla of your own life! Our Career Coaching Programs are designed to help you change your story to what you want it to be!

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Don’t stop reading horoscopes or believing in magic – make the magic happen!

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