Interview Success Blueprint

Crack any Interview in just 5 Hours!

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What will i learn?
  • Crack any Interview in just 5 Hours!

Curriculum for this course
29 Lessons 02:40:59 Hours
6 Lessons 00:30:42 Hours
  • 1.1 : Welcome to Interview Success Blueprint 00:08:47
  • 1.2 : Program Agenda, Specific Outcomes & Results 00:07:24
  • 1.3 : Foundation for Success 00:09:03
  • 1.4 : Valuable Resources & Action Points 00:05:28
  • AF-BoostSelf-Esteem
  • AF-Ultimate Self Motivation
  • 2.1: The Interview Story! 00:10:07
  • 2.2: The Ultimate Hack # 1 00:08:24
  • 2.3 : Types Of Questions 00:09:38
  • 2.4 : Strategy for Answers & Resources 00:12:19
  • Section2_InterviewQuestions
  • 3.1: 5 R's Success Framework 00:10:46
  • 3.2: 5 Rs Success Framework 00:07:51
  • Section3_StrengthsAnalysis
  • Section3_Job Description Analysis
  • 3.3 :5 R's Success Framework 00:05:34
  • 3.4: 5 Rs Success Framework 00:09:41
  • Section3_Personal Branding Worksheet
  • Section3_Personal Plan
  • 3.5: 5 Rs Success Framework 00:11:43
  • 3.6: Valuable Resources & Action Points 00:07:09
  • 4.1: Powerful Tips, Do's & Don'ts 00:10:28
  • 4.2: The Key Questions 00:18:07
  • 4.3: Actions & The Conclusion 00:08:30
  • Section4_InterviewTips
  • QUIZ 00:00:00
  • ArticlesOnInterviewing
  • Job Seeker's Guide
  • Job Hunting Campaign Checklist
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Interview Success Blueprint that will help you to-

  • Face the Interview with Confidence!
  • Develop the right mindset to perform at their best self!
  • Implement the right strategies to hack the Interviewer's mind!
  • Practice the right tools & techniques!
  • Re-brand and sell you UVP- Unique Value Proposition!
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Chinmayee Abbey is an Entrepreneur- the ‘Chief Optimist’ and a ‘Professional Career Coach’ at ‘Change Ur Story’.

Chinmayee Abbey is an Entrepreneur- the ‘Chief Optimist’ and a ‘Professional Career Coach’ at ‘Change Ur Story’. A Speaker, an aspiring Author and a Corporate Coach for many companies she offers Coaching to the key members and teams to enhance results in Performance, Productivity & Engagement. Chinmayee, also an International Career & Transition Coach- she engages with people & their families who relocate to India from various international locations across the globe- empowering them through the relocation and Career Transition. She has a total experience of more than a decade in the Hospitality and IT industry.

She is an ICF Certified Career Coach recognized by the Certified Coaches Alliance, USA and a Post Graduation in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources. She is also a Certified HR Generalist from CAMI (Carlton Advanced Management Institute), USA. She started her career in Operations in Hospitality Industry and then transitioned gradually into Human Resources. A successful corporate stint and her exposure in Operations & senior roles at an early career stage has given her an edge to have a better understanding of business and alignment with the organizational needs.

Chinmayee is also a Resume Writing Expert, LinkedIn Profile Writer, an Interview Coach and a Job Search Strategist. Her unique ability to connect, empathize and communicate with her clients is her biggest strength. What really makes her stand out is her passion about empowering people to achieve the professional goals that matter most to them.

Chinmayee thrives on challenges and is on a mission to make a difference to as many lives as she possibly could and contributing to her society on the whole. She summarizes her mission & believes in these lines by GBS- “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no 'brief candle' to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations...”

Her Personal Certification Authentication URL is:

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