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Socializing outside of work: Why is it important?

Socializing Outside of work

Human beings are social creatures and struggle to prosper in isolation. We need relationships – family, romantic partner, friends, colleagues, etc. However, living in a transactional world, we often misunderstand a transaction with a relationship. Socializing itself has become limited to social media channels and exchanging text messages/images. Also, most of us who have been…

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The Best Ways To Settle In At Your New Job

Before we start, allow me to take a moment to congratulate you on your new job. I know the amount of effort that goes behind finding a good job and receiving the appointment letter. It’s never easy. So, celebrate this moment and start preparing for the next stage – think about how you plan to…

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4 Important Tips for Salary Negotiation

What aspects do you consider before taking up a new job? Most people consider growth prospects, the working environment, employer reviews, and of course the salary. Regardless of how we perceive our career decisions, salary does play a major role in accepting new job roles. Picture this – you have just finished your interview for…

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Top 5 ways to make employee coaching more effective

Developing a great workforce is integral to the success of any organization. While most organizations try to hire the best talent for all positions, a top-notch workforce requires much more than talent. Some such factors are motivation levels of employees, alignment with the goals of the organization, an open, two-way communication between the employees and…

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Breakthrough Strategies on how to explain an employment gap

employment Gap

Gaps in employment are common these days. Regardless of whether you take a break from your career out of choice, like traveling or trying your hands with an entrepreneurship project, or out of no choice, like taking care of a sick family member, pregnancy, etc., a gap on your resume can be a difficult thing…

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