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Powerful tips to deal with Horrible Bosses effectively

Manage horrible boss

Remember the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ (and its sequel)? Three professionals holding grudges against their bosses decide to do something about it – assassinate them. Well, so much for creative liberty. In real life, assassination is definitely not an option. However, one cannot deny the existence of horrible bosses in the world. Having said that, perception…

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How to Stand Out from the Crowd as an Entrepreneur


You ditch your 9-5 job, spend sleepless nights thinking about your business plan, work tirelessly to turn your dream into reality, launch your business, and cross your fingers waiting for customers to come pouring in. Well if they do, then you don’t need this article. But if they don’t, then all your efforts eventually lead…

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Should I align the company’s goals with my personal career goals?

We all have multiple goals like relationship, career, financial, travel, personal goals, etc. Goals give us a sense of direction and focus in our lives. Our personal career goals help us determine what we want and why we want it. This enables us to focus our energies in the right direction and achieve professional success.…

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Believe That You Can Change Ur Story!

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