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Are you working in a group or a team? Find out! Your success depends on it!

Last week, I went to the cinemas to watch the Akshay Kumar-starrer – GOLD. A fantastic retelling of India’s first Olympic Gold medal after gaining independence by defeating Britain in the finals. Patriotism and nostalgia galore, the movie certainly is an inspiring watch. However, one strong aspect that stood out for me was the display…

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4 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job

COping up with Job loss career coaching

  As professionals, we prepare ourselves for various ups-n-downs in our careers. A delayed promotion, not enough increments, redundant job roles, the list is virtually endless. However, if there is one thing, that none of us can prepare ourselves for, it is being laid-off our jobs. It would probably be easier to accept the loss…

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5 Pillars Of Your LinkedIn Profile

5 pillars of your LinkedIn Profile

Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved into a go-to name to check the credentials of any professional. Be it a company looking at a prospective candidate or a job-seeker looking for opportunities to connect with the right people or a professional looking to enhance his/her network, the avenues offered by LinkedIn are virtually endless. Having…

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Believe That You Can Change Ur Story!

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