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Will you let a career break, break your career …

Last month, I received a call from a woman. She was not being able to find a job. I asked her to share an updated CV with me and found that she hadn’t worked for the last 5 years. I called her back and asked her what she was doing in the recent years. She…

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If you want to win- BE DEAF!

One of the greatest secrets to success is- Be Deaf and Don’t let the world tell you what you can or can’t do! You have the power to change ur story!

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Powerful coping mechanisms you need to know as a working Mom!

In our previous article, we spoke about some tips to optimize your career as a working mom. While changing the course of your career is one option, another great way to deal with it is by creating coping mechanisms or a structure around your life. Before we get into the mechanisms, I would like to…

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How to optimize your Career if you are a Working Mom!

The phrase ‘Working Mom’ has two huge responsibilities merged into one. Working – pursuing a career in the competitive corporate world; and Mom – a 24x7x365 job. Being a working mother is tough. No, very tough. Wait, it’s chaotic. Actually it is kind of impossible! Now that was a little harsh. Let’s stick with tough.…

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Believe That You Can Change Ur Story!

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