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10 commandments for an impactful résumé..

What is a Resume? A résumé is a compilation of work experience, qualification, accomplishments and credentials typically arranged in a chronological sequence. It is a document that is sent across to prospective employers, to allow them to assess the viability of your application, for the desired position, in their organization. Seems straight forward, doesn’t it?…

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Winter is coming! Do you know how to fight the White Walker?

P.S- Tips to fight the Performance Appraisal chills.. Sounds familiar? An entire year’s work and all you get is 30 seconds!? The months of January to March are typically filled with performance appraisals or evaluations. It is a battle of sorts. While every employee tries to highlight his/ her achievements and/ or contributions to the…

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Have you found the love for your Career?

love ur career

Recently, I was watching an old classic- P.S. I love you! written & directed by- Richard LaGravenese. Now, this is a movie I have watched several times in the past, but every time I watch it, I feel equally touched & overwhelmed. It is a movie about Love and how the Protagonist tries to move…

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Believe That You Can Change Ur Story!

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