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Why in the professional world are you running?

We are all running behind something… But where to? Individuals for the right job opportunities… Employers for the right employees… And then we tend to either make compromises or take a shortcut. For instance, we have had the multi-crore scam called the VYAPAM scam- A bunch of people trading off dreams with money…In the bargain,…

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Start-ups: I found 5 exciting Secrets on Successful Branding

Starting Up- A Dream, Passion, Need, Mystery, Pain, Pride, Question, Roller Coaster, Challenge, Achievement, Vehicle……All this and more put together into one hell of a ride! Isn’t it? And all you Entrepreneurs… I hear you! Why? Coz I am one of you…And that’s how I understand the word- ‘Start-Up’…I have taken up this journey myself…

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Feeling lost with Appraisals?-Top 3 easy questions you’ll love!

If you are working in the Corporate World, then you definitely know the process of Performance Appraisals and everything else that comes along…And you know it well. So, which category do you fall in-? 1.) Happy with Appraisals this year and ready for the next? 2.) Disappointed with Appraisals and struggling to diagnose? 3.) Feeling…

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Leadership – How to be a powerful Leader!

I was invited as a Speaker for a session on Leadership by a leading global advisoryr company into risk advisory, insurance broking and solutions, that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. Now, just to share a little context with you all here- this is a company who has been…

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This New Year make a happy & powerful Choice!

New Year is round the corner and Time has again flown by As the new beginning is about to begin, You want to make a choice A choice to break free from the shackles A choice to let go of the baggage and a choice to rejoice Even though you tend to wonder why…

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