Group Coaching

We have a variety of 1 to 2 Day Seminars wherein our Coaching Methodologies are very practical, forward-looking way to gain clarity on what you believe to be true for your Career!

The objective of the seminars for you is :-

To understand and discover what you want to do with your career, advance in the right direction by developing a personalized strategy, learn how to present self and produce results in the interviews with prospective organizations to have a meaningful career.


These seminars help you create results like :-

  • Discover your inner self through inquiry and articulate a vision
  • Take stock of the current situation to identify the barriers and leverage your strengths
  • Overcome personal obstacles and reach full potential through continuous learning
  • Be more committed to take action and prepare yourself for new responsibilities
  • Clarify and work towards performance goals
  • Learn a new way of living to achieve a fulfilling career
  • Enhance the confidence level by developing a personalized strategy
  • Equip yourself with the needed tools to re-sell your brand

Under Corporate Coaching we engage with the Organizations over a period of time and provide a powerful support system to keep the team motivated and moving in the right direction. It helps the Organization provide an external perspective on the employee’s career & life.

We use a combination of Group as well as one-on-one Coaching formats wherein we help the individuals look at where they are now as opposed to where they would like to be and empower them to bridge the gap. The ongoing Coaching support provided enables the individual(s) to continue forward action towards aligning their career goals with the organization’s objectives and achieving the defined career path within the organization.

Our team of Coaches partners up with you in your pursuit of Success for your Organization!

We work with your team of key members and our approach to developing teams and organizations begins with the assumption that the expertise needed to chart a successful path lies within the team itself. Our job is to assist the team in :-

  • Creating a conducive environment bringing out the best in the teams.
  • Designing, administering, and analyzing the sessions to identify team or organizational strengths and development areas.
  • Providing insights and inputs empowering them towards high performing teams
  • Engaging with members, empowering them to deal with day to day stress and have a better work-life balance
  • Coaching team leaders and members for optimal Engagement, Performance, Productivity and overall happiness and fulfillment in their career.