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Top Quora Question On Resume Writing | Change Ur Story

October 2, 2019
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Are you planning to make a professional resume for yourself? Let’s answer your Questions.. The right resume is the most powerful key to open the doors of opportunities – the first, the most important step towards your endeavour to get the desired job and to write your future-your story. Unfortunately the power of a resume is often underestimated and this is the biggest mistake one does. Your resume reflects your personal brand image and compromising…

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‘Conveniently Yours’ – Is it the New Definition of Loyalty?

September 1, 2019

A few days ago, an experience of a setback in a personal relationship made me deeply wonder about Loyalty. Have you ever been there? Has life happened to you too? And while this remains an extremely complex topic, I have made an attempt with an inquiry & a humble submission to the world, to you! Well, I believe that Loyalty is desired not just in personal relationships between couples, family members and friends but even…

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The Donkey who loved himself just enough!

July 25, 2019

  What do you do when someone throws dirt on you? Listen to this story of a Donkey who had almost died..but he loved himself just enough.. Do we?      

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4 tips for employees to overcome the Jet Airways crisis

May 7, 2019

Jet Airways’ employees were in for a big shock when the airline announced the suspension of its operations until further notice. While they had not received their salaries for nearly four months, the sudden loss of employment was not something that most of them were prepared for. The non-receipt of salaries also put a lot of strain on their finances leading to high levels of stress. As I followed the news hoping that the airline…

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Debunking Some Common Career Myths: Job Hopping ≠ Ambition

April 12, 2019

Job Hopping or frequently changing jobs or roles has been prevalent in the corporate world for many years. There were always a certain group of professionals who believed that changing jobs regularly, offered them many benefits like better salaries, richer experience, and above all they came across as highly ambitious professionals too. In recent times, the millennial workforce has started seeing more benefits in job hopping. This has resulted in shrinking tenures in each role.…

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CAUTION! These mistakes can hamper your Career Growth!

April 12, 2019

What happened to the employee who always came late to work? Did he get the next promotion or an increase in responsibilities? Usually, the answer to this question is negative. Professionals who are not punctual or don’t meet deadlines regularly are usually stuck in a dead-end job with no growth in designation or role. While this is an obvious error, there are some less-obvious things that many professionals do which hampers their career growth in…

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A Wake-up Call for all Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Freelancers

April 3, 2019

Once upon a time … long long ago … there was an entrepreneur, whose primary concern was to come up with path-breaking business ideas and products/services that could solve a persistent problem faced by people. In those days, the world was a different place – it was a world without the Internet. Marketing was offline and publicity was primarily word-of-mouth. Zoom forward to the year 2019 and the landscape has become radically different. Our entire…

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The Woodcutter!

March 17, 2019

Just give it a listening and get the motivation doze you need Today! 🙂

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5 Growth Hacks For Your Career You Can’t NOT Know!

March 12, 2019

Sean Ellis is a name not alien to many. An entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor, he has gained popularity after coining the term ‘Growth Hacking’. In simple words, a growth hack is a step-by-step method of creating growth and increasing sales for a company. After learning about Growth Hacking, I realized that the concepts are highly relevant to our careers as well. Here are five Growth Hacks for your career: Identification of the Target…

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Career vs. Marriage – What do women want?

March 6, 2019
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Every year, come Women’s Day and the internet is flooded with articles, videos, infographics, and memes about women from different walks of life. Unfortunately, within 24 hours, it all gets lost in the labyrinth of the internet. We talk about being an evolved society where women have rights and the authority to make decisions for themselves. However, how many women can cross their heart and tell me that they haven’t faced this dilemma at least…

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