Clients Speak

“Working with Change Ur Story on my resume was a wonderful, self-enlightening journey. They brought the clarity so easily and helped me clear my self-doubt which was an amazing thing to happen . The team is really great and a set of genuine people full of optimism that makes you feel so assured about the decision you will be make in your career ahead. Chinmayee is spectacular in her work and right there for you whenever you need it. She goes out of the way to help her clients which is commendable. I believe firmly that it was a right decision to have taken the guidance from Change Ur Story and I would recommend their services to anyone who are pursuing their dreams and want to be recognised for their work.”

- Niharika Bajpai, Research Analyst

“A decade is a lot of time, more so when it has been spent constructing a career full of ‘truth moments’. So when I looked back at a decade of HR experience, in a bid to find a new job, I found myself giving interviews but not performing.

That is where Change Ur Story came in. What started as an assignment to restructure my resume, became an exercise of self exploration & with every successive conversation with Chinmayee, I realized the missing link – importance of presenting my thoughts in line with my ambition. Chinmayee helped me evolve my thoughts and refine my answers. Within two weeks of our collaboration, I bagged an assignment and am settling in happily.

Thank You Change Ur Story and Chinmayee Abbey! I really hope we collaborate more often.”

- Kartikaya Nagar, Sr. HR Professional

“Surprisingly Chinmayee changed my story much before officially launching Change Ur Story!

I therefore, will not be surprised at the number of professionals who will experience a very fresh gamut of services as far as Professional Coaching is concerned. Chinmayee, over past many years, has donned many hats and it always intrigued me as to why she is not employing her talent and competence for helping those who need it. I am elated at the fact that professional help will be available to many like us who appreciate application of contemporary tools and techniques in bringing out the best in oneself. To my mind, the services offered by Change Ur Story are very pragmatic as far as their application is concerned.

I have been privy to many individuals / organizations offering similar services but Chinmayee’s approach to Coaching has been remarkable and completely customized – which is a result of her meticulous and methodical work. Chinmayee and her team brings fresh perspective to anyone’s candidature and I would strongly recommend ‘Change Ur Story’ to anyone who is contemplating to leap into the next organizational strata”.

- Saurabh Verma, Senior Vice President-Sales & Marketing

“Chinmayee has very good subject knowledge and gets adopted to clients situation very well which ultimately supports healthy discussions or calls addressing key concerns or even guiding clients in highlighting their skills and expertise in the most presentable manner.”

- Chaitanya, Marketing Professional

“I started my own business of office stationary after completing my MBA in 2003 but 10 years down the line when I decided to make a career switch I was lacking the confidence & direction. Thanks to Change Ur Story, not only that I had my confidence boosted but also got proper guidance in terms of making a professional resume, identifying the right career, applying for right jobs and due to the commitment of the Coach working with me, I got a managerial level job in 25 days flat.”

- Rohit Tahiliani, Manager-Administration

“When I contacted Change Ur Story for working on my resume, I was under impression that putting everything whatever has been done till date in the career is the requirement of a Resume but post getting in touch with Chinmayee I realized that articulation of what has been achieved is the key point. We had lengthy discussions to understand my experience & my past with my future aspirations, which not only helped the Resume Expert in building up a good & very detailed yet precise resume for me but also made me realize – how I need to project myself in front of a prospective employer and it made me feel a lot more confident of myself.”

- Parminder Sehgal, Sr. Management Professional

“I’ve been coached one-on-one by Chinmayee and also had couple of brief focused sessions from Parul. Chinmayee used her unique expertise to help me listen more carefully to my own store of thoughts gained from previous work-life challenges and use my own wisdom to illuminate what in the future will bring me the greatest fulfillment. Her ability to flip assumptions and beliefs into new ways of thinking is extraordinary. With her unique tools, she helped me to see new possibilities and develop more trust in myself. The Team @ Change Ur Story is really warm and possesses energy which is highly contagious.”

“I would truly recommend Change Ur Story to anyone wanting to change there’s. The experience and rich talent of the Coaches, combined with intuition and the required emotional intelligence, make them a great team to provide coaching services which are unique and truly life changing.”

- Vidhi Sharma, Executive Assistant to CEO