They are the wind beneath the Wings!

Have you heard of these people before?Have you heard of these people before? Ramakant Achrekar Roger Anderson Vimal Kumar M-Narjit Singh Gurudev Singh Peter Carter Don Crosby Rijkaard No..? Now look at this list here- Very familiar.. Right? Sachin Tendulkar Sania Mirza Saina Nehwal Mary Kom Milkha Singh Roger Federer Tiger Woods Lionel Messie While it…

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Do you exist..Yes YOU!

Have you ever pondered over this question? Do I exist? For my team, my clients, my subordinates, my organization? Do I even exist? Am I just another team member, just another employee code, just another guy from the XYZ company…Or do I really add value? Do I really contribute meaningfully? Do I belong to the…

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The Paradigm shift on our 4th Birthday!

Yes! It is our 4th Year into existence and No. 4 is very special…It represents- Stability, Order, Completion and Strong Foundation… This number demonstrates a certain sense of accomplishment, balance, synchronicity and completion like in the – -Four Directions- North, East, West & South -Four Elements of Universe- Air, Water, Fire & Earth -Four Seasons –Spring,…

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Do you have a Practice Career?

For sure, you have…If you are someone who is saying any of the following statements consistently- “I don’t feel like going to work today” “I wish I had more vacations than the number of days I go to work” “My job sucks!” “I don’t want to be working here anymore” “I am too good for…

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A New Chapter in my Story!

Sometimes expressing your love through words seem to be impossible. Sometimes the words really can’t say enough, perhaps that is when you feel the urge to go an extra mile, to make someone feel special, make someone feel loved. It all started with one such moment in my life where I wanted to make my…

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