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How will your career in 2018 be…?? Make it a great one!

As a Career Coach, Writer, and Speaker, I’ve had the opportunity to observe several professionals and some of the common patterns- about how they get stuck and stay stuck in careers they know they don’t belong to and what does it take for them to change the directions leading to a new path that’s rewarding…

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Tips to handle career-breaks in your resume

As they say- Man Proposes and God Disposes! Life happens and People need to or are forced to take breaks during one’s professional life. For instance- Professionals taking a sabbatical to study further, young mothers to bring up their children, a lay-off due to unforeseen reasons, ill-health or change of a location. In such cases,…

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Top 5 Mistakes on Resume- it’s over for you

I have personally reviewed thousands of Resumes and have been working with professionals, coaching them and helping them build their Resumes – in order to begin their job search effectively. So what are the mistakes that are fatal and most common that leads a Resume into the Trash Box failing to get you the foot…

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Do you see yourself in this Story?

Alisha Bhargava was heading marketing at a large MNC with a fat compensation package. Her growth up the corporate ladder had been rapid and it had surprised even Alisha. Of late, Alisha began to feel out of place. What was missing? Being pragmatic, she knew that stress, responsibility and stretched working hours were part of…

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