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Intimidated by Career Transition? 4 Ways to embrace yours!

If you are going through any Career Transition I hear you… Having been there myself and having coached several people through their Career Transitions..I know what its like to be on that side. Be it a Project Change, Job Change, a Career Change, Role Enrichment or a Location Change…No Transition is easy. Its like starting…

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They are the wind beneath the Wings!

Have you heard of these people before?Have you heard of these people before? Ramakant Achrekar Roger Anderson Vimal Kumar M-Narjit Singh Gurudev Singh Peter Carter Don Crosby Rijkaard No..? Now look at this list here- Very familiar.. Right? Sachin Tendulkar Sania Mirza Saina Nehwal Mary Kom Milkha Singh Roger Federer Tiger Woods Lionel Messie While it…

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Let’s Connect!

As a coach, it’s vitally important that we really get to know our clients so that we can better serve them throughout the entire relationship. The more we listen, connect and “feel” what our client is experiencing, the better coach we’ll be for them and vice versa. The more our client feels connected to us and your…

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We must learn from what she learnt in the ring!

Have you watched this movie- biopic on this great legend- Mary Kom? I stumbled on some of the learnings from her and ended up compiling some of them here! While the learnings shared are the ones picked up from the life in a Boxing Ring, but they make so much of sense even in Life…

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Do you exist..Yes YOU!

Have you ever pondered over this question? Do I exist? For my team, my clients, my subordinates, my organization? Do I even exist? Am I just another team member, just another employee code, just another guy from the XYZ company…Or do I really add value? Do I really contribute meaningfully? Do I belong to the…

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